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EH Line's King Of The Hill Street Racer

EH Line set out to introduce its top of the line eBike Street Racer calling it the "Ferrari" of electric bike.


Not too many companies can claim Ferrari like performance or even include the name in its PR, especially a bicycle one. However, what makes the Street Racer is that it not only opens up a new category within the electric motor assisted bicycle field, it actually has a trick or two up its sleeves with design and performance.

HE Line From MECO. The HE Line company makes a variety of electric vehicles and components, and hails itself as offering trendy, effective and environmentally friendly alternatives for individual traffic. Owned by MECO, which stands for mobility of the future and therefore has to be very trendy, it’s aim is to offer electric vehicles, EVs, since the power system is efficient, clean, convenient, silent and very cheap to use. MECO believes that since they are perfect for short-ranges and for use in inner-city traffic, it can make a difference there with its HE Line. The HE Line offers a wide variety of EVs, including E-Bikes, E-Scooter, E-Funscooters, E-Cars, E-Golfcars, E-Mobility, E-Golftrolleys and cordless E-Lawn mowers. And a difference, it makes.

HE Line. With its 4 series, A, B, D, E, the bikes cover mountain use, even snow, and other shorter urban range mobility. The Street Racer we are interested here is the top of the line and will rival anything on its path.

Technically Speaking. With 28mph capacity, this is no slouch eBike. Interestingly enough, it sports an aluminum monocoque, instead of the carbon fiber we would have expected. It can be painted in many different colors, while red will probably be the one chosen by most. Obviously, it can be ridden without the motor, but at 35lbs you might want to consider keeping that motor running. It sports a BionX PL250HT SL XL High Torque electric motor rated a 250 Watt with the inevitable Shimano gear sets, backed up by a Lithium-Mangan battery pack, rated at 48 V, 8,8 Ah, and 422 Wh.

If you feel you have heard the name before, BionX supplies pedal-assisted and electric motor technology KTM, Matra, Raleigh, Smart and TREK, amongst a few. Yes, it does uses regenerative braking technology, which means cruising up that hill means shoving back a few electrons in the battery pack when you go down the other side.

Now for the price… $9,250. While it might seem steep, the bikes offers 8 operating modes which emulate anything from slight incline to full on mountainous climbs. The company claims the highest mode gives you 300% of the muscle power you give it.

The HE Line Street racer is an interesting concept, opening a fray into high-end eBikes. Will we see electric motors slowly popping in bicycle racing? Why not. As far as I see, this Street Racer eBike from HE Line will hit the spot for a few unconditional electric assisted bicycle fanatics.