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DrivingElectric Helps You Make The Most Of Electric Cars

Once you have decided to buy an electric car, the fun only begins. But where do you turn to for advice and help?


While the Internet crawls with help here and there, purchasing an electric car is not something one should take lightly. Short of the obvious price of the electric car, you also need to figure out your driving routine, range, style and charge infrastructure along the way, if needed amongst the most important factors. Such groups and organizations, as PlugInAmerica, CalCars and other local groups do a terrific job shedding more light on the subject but a new one promises to help make the most out of your new EV, DrivingElectric.

DrivingElectric. “Our job is not done when we purchase or lease our cars. And Felix Kramer, who most of you will know from CalCars, is launching, with the Electric Auto Association and Plug in America, a new effort to connect drivers with the folks who need to know how awesome these cars are, what they do for us, how convenient they are. Felix -- tell them about DrivingElectric!”

With these optimistic words, Felix has it right, the real work comes after you’ve purchased your brand new torque ride, your new electric car. Felix reminds us that we’re all aware of bumper cars at amusement parks and are very familiar by now with toy electric cars. But best yet, the onslaught of electronic rechargeable devices have made us very comfortable plugging everything in for a recharge! Electric cars are no different.

What Is DrivingElectric? DrivingElectric is a synthesis between the Electric Auto Association, Plug in America and CalCars with and on top of it. It aims to connect everybody and anyone interested in electric cars. The site will allow you the drivers to sign up, build a profile, upload pictures of your car, and mostly tell your stories. DrivingElectric wants to hear how it's getting better, even if preliminary so far, it wants to hear your story.

What Can You Expect? You will find maps on the website where you can drill down and find someone near who has a plug-in car and is willing to do lend a hand. It could be as simple as talking to you, giving you a test ride, a test drive, maybe even lend you a car or swap one for a couple of hours.

It’s good to see more and more associations and groups giving us a unified and central repository where we can find the answers to the questions we have. If buying an electric car has certainly gotten better of the years, there is still more room for improvements and we welcome DrivingElectric as we know it will facilitate the electric car adoption.