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CODA Gives You 10,000 Free Miles

CODA is giving its potential buyers a nice freebie at its sales point. What would you do with 10,000 fuel free miles?


These days, you can take your pick when it comes to what matters most to you with electric cars. For some, its range, while others its price, still for many interior room and style are important also. Today, all of these are achievable, but only one per electric car. Confused? If you look at all electric cars currently on the market, you will notice manufacturers claim their EVs excel at one thing. Ford’s Focus Electric is the most fuel efficient, the Nissan Leaf is the first on the block, the Daimler Smart ForTwo EV is the cheapest, and CODA has the best range. Essentially, anyone can find at least one electric car that answers his or her primary concern. So how do you find the right middle when it comes to electric cars?

CODA Raises The Ante. CODA has just raised the stakes in order to make its electric car even more attractive. The Californian startup is offering at its point of sale an instant rebate it claims is equal to what you’d pay in electricity charges to drive the CODA for 10,000 miles. Indeed, this $552 rebate is CODA’s estimation of 10,000 miles of free fuel, which you can add on top of the price it costs you to drive a gasoline or diesel car when making your calculations. The numbers are based on EPA and AAA figures that can be calculated into saying driving 10,000 miles approximately costs you $1,723 nationally and $2,000 in California.

EV Drivers Fear No Gas Hike. Herein lies the sweet spot at the moment for electric car makers. EV drivers are not tributary to incessant gasoline price hikes. What this translates to is not worrying how much your gasoline budget will set you off, since the price of electricity has been fairly stable and even on the downturn. Just to reassure you, the last 20 years have shown average gas prices has always gone up while the average home electricity prices have gone down. If you’re still scared electricity prices might go through the rough, there are plenty of solar panel companies that can lease them to you.

The Price Of An Electric Car. Calculating the true cost of an electric car is not an easy task. See our: CODA Says Electric Car Benefits A Good Deal To Many If you take into consideration the cost of a 2012 Coda Sedan in California is $37,250, you can add to it the federal and individual state savings. If your local area has further incentives, that price can drop down to $27,250, bringing it closer to similar sized gasoline powered car. But the extra $552 rebate available through the end of October brings the price of the CODA down to $26,698, which is not bad considering its initial close was close to $40,000.

As I mentioned above, every electric car manufacturer excels in one specific area but none achieve the holy Grail. The trick is to get as close as possible to find an EV that answers your real driving needs. A car that gets more or less 125 miles on a charge with real cargo space, a battery pack guaranteed 10 years and a thermal battery management that means your battery gives you the same range, regardless of outside temperature at around $27,000 is now pretty close to the best EV on the market. It looks like CODA did its homework well and has a car that should answer most urbanites and city dwellers’ driving needs.


Tom Lisella (not verified)    October 21, 2012 - 10:30PM

Did I miss something, here? Who makes this car? Where can I see it? What is the availability of this model?
Also, whoever named this model should have Googled the name...

Nicolas Zart    October 22, 2012 - 1:43PM

In reply to by Tom Lisella (not verified)

Hi Tom, I think they know. CODA is a startup in California and used a Mitsubishi platform that was sold to a Chinese carmaker and improved it a lot. I test drove the car a while back and really didn't feel much "range anxiety" with it. It completed 133 miles tested by the UDDS.