ZAP Alias three wheeled electric "car"

ZAP Jonway promises long awaited Alias will be produced this year

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First announced in 2008, the sleek sports-car-like ZAP Alias will go into limited production in late 2012.

Those of us wanting a sleek looking three wheeled electric "car" and disappointed over the recent death of Aptera may find satisfaction at the other end of the alphabet. ZAP Jonway, the joint venture between ZAP and Chinese automaker Jonway, announced on Friday that they would launch production of their long-awaited three wheeler electric sports "car", the Alias. The company says they will make a limited production run in the fourth quarter of 2012, with no word on pricing or sales details.

The ZAP Jonway Alias has been a long time coming, first being announced in 2008 (or so). It was one of the vehicles in the Progressive Automotive X-Prize contest, making it to the final round before being eliminated. It has a sleek looking sports car look that could also remind one of the Batmobile. It was originally planned for production in 2009 with respectable performance specs of 0-60 mph (97 km/h) mph in 5.7 seconds, a top speed around 150 miles/hr and a range of 100 miles. The model they showed at the 2010 Detroit Auto Show, still not in production, had lower performance specs, of 0-60 mph (97 km/h) in 7.8 seconds and a top speed around 150 miles/hr. The announcement on Friday did not give performance specs, and instead says it will have a 200 kilowatt drive train featuring an AC motor from Remy Motors and a 150 mile range.

At 200 kilowatts of power (theoretically 266 horsepower) this is quite a lot of power for what should be a lightweight vehicle. Remy is an auto parts maker which builds electric motors primarily used in U.S. made hybrid cars. Their motors also power the top end electric motorcycles from MotoCzysz and Lightning Motors, which means Remy is experienced in delivering electric motors with high performance levels.

The ZAP Jonway Alias falls into a vehicle class that's curiously between cars and motorcycles. It looks like a car in that it has a passenger cabin, seating two people sitting side by side. But it has three wheels which makes it, technically and legally, a motorcycle. That fact means it is not required to undergo crash testing, because it's a motorcycle.

The press release describes it as a "3-wheel version of the Alias", which may mean ZAP Jonway plans a future version having four wheels. The release goes on to say the Alias is "designed to be highway safety compliant" while being able to "expedite the long type approval testing process for entering into the U.S. market". What this says is that, because it is a motorcycle (3 wheels), ZAP Jonway is able to avoid the long approval process required to get certification to build a car. The certifying process for motorcycle manufacturers is much simpler.


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They have been "promising" to deliver a Zap X- and a Oblivio car in prior years. This time is no different, the company is up to its gills in IOU's and printed scrip called stock , they have issued 70 Million in new convertible stock to try to juice tha balance sheet & the last 4 quarters of the company have been NEGATIVE results with the stock in the 20 cent range on the OTCBB market. They just defaulted on a 2M loan to the Previous CEO and they owe the current CEO 20 M large by February 2012. .... China is predicting a Grim Car market in where is the money going to come from to keep the promise? If you have learned anything with Zap it is NOT to believe reports on when new cars are to be produced or delivered.. Ask the people that put down $1000 in 2009 when Zap said the vehicle would be here in 2010.
can't you read? : "production with the Alias in 2009 was likely affected by the economic downturn of 2008-9 which could easily have made it difficult for ZAP to get funding to proceed" some people live with some sort of amnesia , they remember what they want to remember . Aptera Three wheel comapny got no funding in 2011 and recently went BK. PR: ZAP and China Electric Vehicle Corporation, or CEVC, an entity affiliated with Cathaya Capital, have agreed to extend the maturity date of the US$19 million convertible note held by CEVC until August 12, 2012.
They Promised The Governor of Kentucky, They promised Gary Dodd he was going to be CEO of ZAP. Gary Dodd RESIGNED from Zap December 2011. There was No Alias Produced in 2011 as this article states it would be . Now we are in 2012 and Zap -Jonway states it may release Alias as a Limited production model in 4th quarter of 2012. They originally said in investor meetings it would be out 3Q of 2012. Bet you it won't be out til 2013 and it may not get put out them. These people Promise an NEVER Deliver. Look at the 300,000 sq ft plant in Kentucky.. look at the Zap X and Obvio. vehicles. Don't you get it.. the are ripping off the investment public year after year with broken promises. No wonder their stock is for less then 25 cents on the OTCBB. Their word means nothing.