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Toyota introduces 2012 Camry to Southeastern journalists in Charlotte

Toyota spared no expense when launching its 2012 Toyota Camry at the official Southeast press event at the event at the beautiful Ballantyne Resort in Charlotte, NC.

Members of the press were served a lavish four course buffet style lunch. Following the lunch and mingle, Toyota’s own Dick Kelley provided a presentation that gave insight into the 2012 Toyota Camry along with teasers about the future product line. Dick Kelley, Southeast Toyota Regional Manager, spoke of the history of the Camry and then highlighted a couple of key improvements including: power, gas mileage, and ergonomics that will be realized in the new Camry.

After the informative presentation, the group of journalists was guided to the unveiled automobiles for inspection and test driving. Toyota offered up five 2012 Camrys, including XLEs and SEs, with different accessories, navigation to backup cameras, on each different color trim level. Journalist were then paired into “teams” and released out into the wild of the high-end Ballantyne area, well more so guided with directions for a predetermined route. Once they returned with the vehicles, the journalist would switch drivers and complete the same route. Many members of the press were surprised with the unexpected excitement the Toyota midsize sedan had to offer. The glee was apparent not only in their body language and conversations, but also in the “just finishing a hot lap” smell that was present amongst the cars.

The 2012 Toyota Camry prices up close

On hand was a Toyota technical specialist, brought in from Florida, who knew all the ins and outs of the brand new vehicles. The Southeast Toyota team really did its homework on the just released 2012 Camry; all representatives answered every query to the utmost professionalism. But what can you expect from a car company that was historically built on professionalism and reliability? Toyota allowed the journalist to have further time with the new vehicles for photo shoots and exploration of the new technologies.

Coupled with the unseasonal fantastic weather and awesome planning, the 2012 Toyota Camry Southeast Press Event was first-rate. Although it was a smaller event, the size led to a more intimate involvement between Toyota and the media where all questions could be answered and ample seat time could be experienced. The attention given to a supposed boring-midsize-affordable sedan press event was deeply felt and only complimented the new exciting styling and refinement of the 2012 Toyota Camry.

Edited by Armen Hareyan