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Zip and Dash to LA Sweepstakes to win a 2012 Kia Rio & meet with Christina Milian [Videos]

Have you every dreamed of visiting Hollywood and Los Angeles? How does exploring Los Angeles while going on a Geocaching challenge and adventure while being able to meet a beautiful Actress, such as Christina Milian, sound? Yeah, it sounds Awesome!

Kia along with seems to have partnered up for the “Zip and Dash to Los Angeles Sweepstakes.” Two lucky people will have the opportunity to travel to the land of ridiculously gorgeous and handsome people, otherwise known as Los Angeles, to compete in a Geocache challenge all across the city to different landmarks. You do this all while driving around in a brand new 2012 Kia Rio. If you win Geocache challengge, do you know what the grand prize is? ... that's right the brand new 2012 Kia Rio you used for your Los Angeles Geocache adventure.

You might be asking yourself, “What is a Geocache adventure?” Geocaching is pretty cool activity that meshes internet connectivity and technology with real world adventures. The system requires the use of a Global Positioning System (GPS) or other hand-held device like a cellphone to find Geocaches, which are placed all around the world. A Geocache is typically a small container that will usually house trinkets or small items of little value and a logbook. Geocaches can range in size from ammunition boxes to Tupperware containers.

To locate a Geocache, you log-on to a website to find one that is close to you and seems like an adventure. You enter in the coordinates of a location of a Geocache that you would like to find into your GPS device. You go hunting for it and find the Geocache location on the GPS. However, just getting to the location can be the easy part, as sometimes the Geocaches will be hidden in very clever places that will be easily missed. Once located you can take a trinket and replace it with something you have brought and make sure to sign your name in the logbook. (Some Geocahces only have logbooks though and no fun items.)

There are an estimated 1.6 million Geocaches around the world with over 5 million people participating in this fun activity. Now you can win a 2012 Kia Rio Geocaching!

If you want to enter the Zip and Dash to Los Angeles Sweepstakes, there are a few rules you should know. You need to be 18 years old or older in most states to enter. No entering everyday like some sweepstakes , as the rules state, “Limit of one (1) entry per person will be accepted.” The contest ends on March 25th, 2012 and you must be able to go Los Angels between April 4th – April 6th to do the Geocache adventure. If you want to have a great Geocache adventure in Los Angeles, click here to enter and read the official rules.

Personally I think the best part of this sweepstakes is the last Geocache, where the amazing beautiful and talented Christina Milian will be waiting. That's probably the best Geocache of all time!