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Toyota uses Facebook game to promote FT-86

Toyota is using a Facebook game, The Social Network Racer, to promote its much anticipated sports car, the FT-86 II (aka Scion FR-S). The coolest part of the Facebook game, the track is adorned with your personal Facebook content. Making the game a lot of fun.

The Social Network Race posts recent updates as billboards along the twisting track. Also you can race course from your Friend's Facebook pages, which allows you to see their status updates and pictures along the track. This is probably great for Facebook fanatics, but might be a little odd for others. Play the game and decide for yourself!

If you are expecting to get an inside cockpit view of the FT-86 II, you are out of luck though. The game is first-person view, meaning you won't see the car. There are no viewing options where you can see outside the car, nor do you see any parts of the car when driving. Slightly disappointing for FT-86 II fans who really wanted a closer look at the sports car.

In addition there is also a points system that lets you upgrade and spec-up your car. Most likely the parts are from Toyota Racing Division, Toyota's in house department that gives cars a little more kick. The top 20 world rankings are shown as well. It's harder than you think to get into the top 20!

This is not the first time the FT-86 II has appeared in a video game. Gran Turismo 5, considered the pinnacle of racing games, had a FT-86 II featured in the game. So a virtual reality model has been available to drive for some time!

The car will feature 2.0L boxer engine with a D-4S direct/port injection combo system. (The engine was jointly developed by Toyota and Subaru.) It will be Rear Wheel Drive, like any true sports car should be!

Toyota definitely wants people to be excited about the new sports car, and using social media is definitely a smart way to do that. The game will be available to play on Facebook, until December 31, 2011.

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