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Jesse James to make appearance at Goodwood Festival of Speed [Videos]

Jesse James, the American custom motorcycle building TV star, will be attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed this year.

Think this is an odd place for Jesse James to be making a celebrity appearance? Think again!

In 2009 the wild Jesse James made his first, and actually only appearance on British soil, surprising the Festival of Speed crowds and fans with his crazy driving antics in his Baja desert racing Trophy Truck.

The larger-than-life television personality is set to return to the Festival of Speed this year which will take place from June 29th – July 1st. This Speed Festival celebrates

For those that don't know, The Goodwood Festival of Speed is widely considered the world’s greatest celebration of motor racing history and culture. The festival features all sorts of cars and motorcycles from a huge variety of disciplines. As well as holding races and auctions, which are quite amazing to watch I hear. Goodwood's theme this year is “Young Guns - Born to Win.”

Jesse James might have made a good mark in British “petrolheads” (British slang for someone into cars, or what we would call a gearhead in the US) minds back in 2009 at Goodwood.

However James is more familiar to millions of fans via YouTube. He is known around the world as the presenter of niche TV shows such as “Monster Garage” and “Motorcycle Mania,” in which he rampages across deserts, through houses, builds a jet-engined Toyota, and does other crazy antics with vehicles. Essentially what most of us “car guys” would like to do for a job!

James holds the world land speed record for a hydrogen powered vehicle, when he hit 199.7 mph on the El Mirage Dry Lake Bed in California. This was on yet another TV show “Jesse James Is A Dead Man.”

Jesse James is also owner and CEO of the Southern California-based West Coast Choppers, which builds custom motorcycles. He is also owner of the Cisco Burger restaurant, publishes “Garage” magazine and is head of the Chopperdogs fan club. His name is know misnomer as he is related to the famous 19th century outlaw, Jesse James.

Did I mention that he was also married to Sandra Bullock? What hasn't this guy done?

His driving is expected to be more sedate at Goodwood this year, (I highly doubt that!) James still promises to excite the Festival of Speed goers with his crazy and unexpected antics behind the wheel of his sophisticated space-frame chassis truck. Following his memorable Festival antics in 2009, this year promises to be a spectacle that few will forget.

There are always odd celebrity pairing and mismatches that go on in Hollywood. There are even odder pairings of celebrity endorsements and appearances. Is the Jesse James and Goodwood Festival of Speed an odd pairing? I hope not!

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