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Dutch Flying Car solves problem of getting stuck in traffic [Video]

Do you hate getting stuck in traffic? Well a Dutch company has a solution for all frustrated motorists out there, a Flying Car!

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No, this is not a science fiction novel or movie, but a real Flying Car! The Dutch company, PAL-V Europe NV, recently tested a half-plane and half-car hybrid vehicle that the company claims can cruise the streets and highways just as easily as it can fly through the air like a bird. PAL-V (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) recently released a video demonstrating the capabilities of these flying vehicles.

The video shows how PAL-V can handle the roads like a sports car, while converting into a mini-helicopter to fly off into the blue sky in. It is quite cool and something that everyone always talks about will happen in the future, “Oh yeah, they will have flying cars sooner than you think” but that reality never seems to come. Of course now the story might be different.

"You can drive like a car with your normal car, then you can fly like a plane but in one vehicle." said PAL-V CEO Robert Dingemanse via "So if you want to fly over a mountain you can do that and then drive at the other end and go to your destination or fly over water or past a traffic jam, of course. All those kind of things are possible now."

The three-wheeled PAL-V has been in the works since 2008. The design of the vehicle is quite interesting, as it needs to accommodate flight as well as being able to be driven on streets.

I am sure a lot of people are wondering, what is the top speed of the PAL-V? A cool 100 mph, on air or land it, doesn't make a difference.

To be clear the PAL-V took no shortcuts in safety. The “Flying Car” is legal in the air and on the street. Anyone with a valid driver's license can drive it.

There is a stipulation though if you are going to actually fly the PAL-V... you do need a pilot's license. So if you are going to fly over all the that damn traffic, which seems to have no cause for ruining your day, you are going to have to shell out the money for flying lessons. (Unless of course you are someone with a pilot's license.)

Currently the company is looking for imaginative investors who want to make Flying Cars a reality. Come on Millionaires and Billionaires, what else have you done with your money? I recall you gave everyone a really bad recession! Why not make Flying Cars a reality?

It doesn't seem the company has released details on pricing of PAL-V's. Being able to fly over traffic though, priceless!

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