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Toyota's interactive online Camry Effect unites Camry owners

The Toyota Camry Effect, brought to light by Toyota, is a brand new initiative to give Toyota Camry drivers in the United States an innovative and interactive online experience. The Camry Effect is a way that approximately seven million Camry drivers in the United States can share their best memories.

For the past thirty years, Toyota Camry has changed millions of lives. Toyota believes that more people have lived life with a Camry, than almost any other car in America. In thirty years, nearly nine million Toyota Camry’s were sold with 6.8 million Camry drivers out there, it’s has a huge effect.

Toyota Camrys stay on the road longer than other vehicles, so less metal is wasted and less land fills are needed. Because Camry’s are one of the most reliable cars on the road, they tend to give drivers less headaches, less stress, less missed meetings and less frustrating day -- and this makes for happier people. This is where the idea for the Camry Effect was derived.

Toyota decided to make an online experience for Camry drivers that would allow them to share some of their most memorable experiences. Toyota wants to hear about first dates, first kisses, road trips, racing dreams, soccer games, job interviews, late night snack runs, first drives and family trips. Toyota wants to know the affect Camry has had on its drivers and by going to, drivers can answer eight questions proposed by Toyota to find out what kind of effect driving a Camry has had on his/her life and on the world. This is what is called the Camry Effect.

In a press release, Kimberley Gardiner, National Digital Marketing & Social Media Manager for Toyota made this statement: “There are millions of Camry owners out there, but each has a unique and important story to tell. The Camry Effect connects these owners and helps them learn a little more about their individual stories—from favorite part of a road trip to Camry models passed down through generations. The site personalizes the experience of driving a Camry in a fun, engaging way."

Whether or not a person owns and drives a Toyota Camry today or has owned one in the past, he/she is welcome to visit the website and share their experiences with the vehicle. Toyota is celebrating America’s best-selling car for nine years running and by creating this interactive online experience for its enthusiasts. Through social media such as Twitter and Facebook, Camry owners can full share their experiences with others; hence, connecting Toyota Camry owners around the world.

Reference: Camry Effect

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