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Mercedes 2012 M-Class SUV patrols at NY Fashion Week

The all new Mercedes 2012 M-Class SUV is the Mercedes’ Fashion Ranger vehicle that people will see on the streets of New York City this week during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week NY. This world renown show will be taking place at Lincoln Center from September 8-15, 2011.
Posted: September 8, 2011 - 9:53AM
Author: KC Kelly

The Mercedes-Benz and its Fashion Ranger vehicle, the all-new 2012 M-Class SUV, is the automobile this year that will help to “preserve and protect the fashion capital of the world while on the hunt for the city's most beautiful creatures,” according to a PR Newswire press release on the event. Celebrity Stylist Annabel Tollman and other fashion bloggers such as Jamie Beck of From Me to You, Judy Aldridge of Atlantis Home, Kelly Framel or The Glamourai, Tina Craig of Bag Snob, Craig Arend of Models Off Duty, Karl Edwin Guerre of Guerreisms and Kristin Knox of The Clothes Whisperer will be driving around in the Mercedes 2012 M-Class SUV patrolling the streets of Manhattan for all the best in fashion for the next five (5) days.

The press release shared that the stylists will be driving the 2012 M-Class Mercedes-Benz SUV looking specifically for “the best gazelle like legs, the wildest shoes, Alpha editor sightings, an animal print rescue, and a hunt for the five fiercest handbags. If spotted, the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ranger is escorting its stylish catch to their next destination and is showcasing their look via paparazzi photo.”

Invitations will be given out to the best of the best looks to Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week runway shows. Winners will also receive an invitation to the official Fashion Ranger culmination event which is being hosted by Annabel Tollman in the Mercedes-Benz Star Lounge at Lincoln Center.

Annabel Tollman made the statement, "New York City and Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week is THE site for big-game fashion and for those who want to get noticed for their unique style. I am looking forward to leading the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ranger pack and seeking out those that set themselves apart from the herd."

Lisa Holladay, manager of brand experience marketing for Mercedes-Benz USA made the statement, "The Mercedes-Benz Fashion Ranger bridges the connection between the world of fashion and cars, and speaks to those with a great sense for fascinating and functional design. The all-new 2012 M-Class SUV is built to handle the toughest on and off-road situations in style and comfort – the same way many New Yorkers navigate the City with grace and elegance."