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Compton orders $109,621 of T3 EVs for community policing initiatives

The Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department (MLES) will be driving around the city of Compton in class starting later this week. The city has placed an order of $109,621 worth of T3 Motion electric cars for its MLES employees.
Posted: September 28, 2011 - 10:49AM
Author: KC Kelly

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T3 Motion, Inc. is a producer of clean and “green” technologically advanced electric vehicles. It shared in a press release on Wednesday that the City of Compton has placed a $109,621 order for T3 ESVs. These vehicles will be used for community development campaigns, including parking enforcement and community policing initiatives for the Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department for the City of Compton. Just approved earlier this month, the purchase made by the Compton City Council will be delivered later this week.

T3 Motion, Inc. is very excited to be able to have its vehicles used for such a good cause; providing safety and helping to maintain a safe, attractive environment for the citizens of Compton through enforcement of laws and codes that pertain to vehicle violations, zoning, and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial properties. The Compton Municipal Law Enforcement Services Department (MLES) also works to create proactive enforcement programs and services designed to maintain the overall safety and appearance of the community.

Ki Nam, CEO of T3 Motion made this statement in a press release: “We are very pleased that T3 Motion can help the City of Compton decrease fuel costs and increase community safety during their city improvement initiatives. The T3’s unique design provides a command presence and approachability that are perfect for Compton’s community safety and appearance initiatives.”

The City of Compton is not the only place that uses the T3’s for their community work. More than 170 other cities across the United States also utilize the T3 Motion Series fleets for security and parking enforcement initiatives. Some of the states that use the T3’s are New York, Los Angeles, Charleston, Dallas, Memphis, Minneapolis, Pasadena, Phoenix and Seattle.

The T3 Series vehicles feature cutting-edge environmentally friendly technology. The cars provide a low cost of operation as well. At only less than ten cents per day and two re-chargeable, swap-able batteries, the T3 has 24/7 operation with unlimited range. How many other EVs can say that? Some other unique features are zero-degree turning radius, swap-able batteries, speeds up to 20 mph and a 9-inch raised platform that provides an above average vantage point.

The City of Compton will be driving a car from a company that has revolutionized the world of personal mobility. When T3 Motion Inc. introduced their flagship electric T3 Series law enforcement vehicles it introduced high environmental standards and law enforcement and security capabilities in personal mobility technology. The T3 was debuted at the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference held in October 2006.

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