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BMW College Graduate program helps with auto loans and leases

BMW Financial Services has a new program called the College Graduation Program. Its agenda is to target college graduates and young professionals with expanded college graduate degrees under their belts in an attempt to help them afford leases or auto loans for purchasing new BMWs.
Posted: September 23, 2011 - 3:45PM
Author: KC Kelly

The BMW College Graduation Program is attempting to give the younger generation the best available car loan for purchasing or leasing BMW brand cars. Extending purchasing power for the young professional segment paired with showcasing value and flexibility of BMWs captive finance group is the goal.

In attempting to open the door to a larger demographic of younger people who have just graduated college or are just starting out in the workforce, BMW Group Financial Services has had to find a way to increase this demographics purchasing power through the company’s College Graduation Program. By offering special lease and auto loan deals, more BMWs will be seen driving on the roads.

This new BMW College Graduation Program pertains to both new and certified pre-owned BMW vehicles. These include all BMW and MINI automobiles, as well as BMW motorcycles.

College students and young professionals must meet certain program criteria in order to be considered for the special rates offered by the program. If they are accepted, they will be offered the best available rates that BMW can offer them, based upon their FICO scores. Another added bonus, is that those who do qualify for the program and wish to lease cars, will not have to pay a security deposit on the car they choose.

Here are, of course, some guidelines for The BMW Group Financial Services College Graduate program. These include, graduation from an accredited college or university with an undergraduate or graduate degree earned within the previous 12 months (requires a copy of the graduate’s diploma or official transcript) or the person must be eligible for graduation from an accredited college or university with an undergraduate or graduate degree within the next 4 months and have a verifiable firm offer of employment commencing after graduation.

There are a few more requirements as well, that include, proof of income or the employer’s letter with contact information stating position, title and income, a minimum of 24 months of credit on file and no previous derogatory credit on any held credit trades, a gross debt to income ratio of less than 45% and a gross automotive payment to income ratio of less than 25%. All applicants are required to complete a credit application for final approval.

In the press release concerning the The BMW Group Financial Services College Graduate program, Steve Swecker, general manager of sales operations made this statement, “As a captive finance company, we have the capacity to be more flexible than other institutions. We developed the College Graduate program to target one of the most essential customer bases, that of the entry-level buyer. The program provides young professionals the accessibility to our brands based on their ability to pay, rather than a capped allowance. Completing college is an exciting point in life, and graduates want to reward themselves for the accomplishment. Our College Graduate program helps make this reward attainable.”


Ashley (not verified)    October 23, 2015 - 4:45AM

i have a BMW 330CI and the 4 th gear went out i am a full time student at phoenix college with a decent gpa i have not graduated and does this program apply to me or only when i get out of college?

Manish (not verified)    November 25, 2018 - 12:44PM

This is a big scam from BMW. Read the fine prints of the program. Have you seen any other auto company attaching these many strings with the qualification for this rebate? Any other auto company (Like Honda, Toyota, Acura etc.) will just ask for a diploma copy but BMW will also check your credit history!!! If you missed out any small payment in the past they will deny this. But based on the same credit history they will approve the loan from BMW Financials. Because loan brings interest and rebate is a liability.