Ziebart International expands rust-protection line

Ziebart on Tuesday released an exclusive rust-protection formula for garage tools and other uses that was previously only available on cars and trucks at Ziebart locations. Now the formula can be bought through its Ziebart.com Web site for various do-it-yourself uses in the U.S. market.

New products include clear and black rust-protection formula and an ammonia-free glass cleaner that is unusual because it is safe for tinted glass.

“Rust-protection products are used to protect valuable assets that have a tendency to rust or corrode,” said Tom Wolfe, chief executive of the Troy, Mich.-based Ziebart International Corp., which has 400 locations in 30 countries.

“Protecting ... equipment from the elements can extend their useful life, thus maximizing your investment.”

Ziebart has been an automotive rust protection sealant pioneer for five decades.

“When you mention the name Ziebart, everyone knows that name is synonymous with rust protection. The term Kleenex is generic for a tissue just like a rust protected vehicle has been ‘Ziebarted.’ Our product withstands industry accepted rigorous salt spray testing in order to provide the best rust protection available,” Wolfe said.

The same anti-rust technology used on cars treated by Ziebart is now being packaged in a can for personal use on home and shop assets. It is designed to treat items found around the home or shop, such as swing sets, wheelbarrows, lawn mower decks and all other items subject to rust.

Ziebart's automotive services aim to renew, protect, preserve and enhance the appearance of cars and trucks. Once known for just rust protection, Ziebart now offers a full line of appearance and protection services that include detailing, sprayed-on-bed liners, automotive glass repair, window tint, truck accessories, electronic systems and scratch-repair services, company spokeswoman Kira Kusky said Tuesday.

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