Toyota gives away 75 free cars; 25 still to go

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Toyota has chosen a third set of 25 winners to get to the three-quarters mark of its 100 Cars for Good giveway program, which awards 100 vehicles over the course of 100 days to 100 deserving non-profits. Winners are pick from voting by Facebook fans.

Each daily winner will be awarded a new Toyota vehicle to help the organizations continue to do “good” in their communities. The remaining finalists will each receive $1,000 grants from the Japanese carmaker. Toyota Financial Services adds a six-year, 100,000 mile Toyota Vehicle Service Agreement to give winners extended protection beyond the vehicle warranty.

"The selected winners not only provide significant services, but also inspire by showing what is possible when we put others’ needs before our own," said Jim Lentz, president of Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A. Inc. "We congratulate our ... winners and wish the remaining finalists the best of luck."

The third set of 25 winners spans several categories that include animal welfare, human services and protecting people from abuse. All are worthy causes shared with the public on their Facebook profiles.

Public voting for the 100 Cars for Good program opened May 9 and continues through Aug. 16. Winning organizations can choose to receive a Prius (pictured), Tacoma, Tundra, Highlander Hybrid, Sienna or Sienna Mobility.



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My first car was a toyota and i was always with that car but samething happen and now my car is standing.I would love to apply to win a new car.
Am a dental technologist who has a passion in restore smiles and ability to eat for the poor, elderly by making dentures for them. Its a challenge getting to the village as most of the rural transport is not reliable and sometime the little public transport matatus available, people have to squeez so time affecting the impresions hence affecting the end product. I hope one day I wil hav my own car with some space for my dental technology kit and hence serve this comunities well. Toyota filder has been my dream. I may not get it now but some day, that day wil come. I love my kenyan people and forevr I wil serve them with the little I get.
Hi I first car was a toyota tazz. And I love my car. My dad drove a toyota and I learn on that car to drove when I got married and starting to work I always said I wanted a toyota.we look for one and I bought my first car toyota Tazz.that car took me to hosipital to give birth And went on hoilday with us and took my kids to school and my husband to work. We gave people left. Myself and hubby pass our drives licence with her. BUT then I lost her :( I just got my drivers licence And I was so happy a week after that a truck drove into us from the side and she got damage BAD. Myself and my baby did not have a mark on us. But my car did have all the marks.My hubby said it is better to sell her then to fix because we did not have the money to fix her. The day the guy came to buy her I was crying because to think of all the things we did and went through I did not even wanted to see then tow her away. My olderst son told me that mum my first car I want a toyota.
Despite Kenya being one of the largest buyers of your cars in Africa, you did not give any car for Africa. the charity i work for does one of the greatest jobs on earth with no car. Helping malnourished pregnant and lactating mothers rush to hospitals to help address birth complications that may lead to death. Pleae consider HELPHEAL KEYNA in Kisumu.
my first car Toyota Prius, my dream car, i like this car
My first car was a Toyota RAV4 that carried us through 11 years. My next car will be a Toyota RAV4 and I am saving pennies to purchase it this year. In the meantime I'm walking, watching the commercials and focusing on the day I drive away in my car.
I has a two toyota cars but I want to win a toyota car for to give a someone who can't buy but I can't buy for them I know someone they live in my city they are old and they don't have a car to go for a apointment and they don't have much money to buy a car or pay for car every other day so I help them as I can but I have two baby under 2 years old so I just wana help them so they can go to apointment plese help me to help them that's way I would like to win a car for them and as everyone know toyota is a best brand to afford and maintain thank you
.in rural arears no one think to put advetisment there .to use toyota there its the other way to put advert to the community .
I am like to won latest new high qualities toyota cars, because of the toyota product is one of the best product all over the world .
My first car is a Toyota corolla ee90 and I still have it. It takes my family and I to school, work and all where we need to go so I want to win a new Toyota car
I don't have one in my life I wish , dream to have one
My Dad sold Toyota back in the 60's he said best car ever. I have had many Toyota's in my day,I think they are the best out there, I even didn't get a union job becuz they said I could not park in the union lot! I told them to pissoff.Times have changed and I do not have a Toyota at this time .I sure miss them.I would LOVE to have one again.