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GOP uses Obama's Detroit visit to raise money

President Obama came to the union auto worker hotbed of Detroit this Labor Day to celebrate the value of Big Labor with people who make and assemble cars and trucks, and their families. While he did that, Michigan Republicans used his visit as an impetus to raise money.


While in the Motor City, the president promoted his bipartisan efforts to create jobs and bolster the American economy. Secretary of Labor Hilda L. Solis accompanied President Obama on his trip to Detroit. His speech, at the GM Lot, was free and open to everyone.

Pre-program entertainment included musical performances by the Mosaic Youth Theater of Detroit and Aretha Franklin. The 1:15 p.m. presidential event Monday with President Obama was held next to Detroit's historic RenCen, which houses many General Motors Co. offices.

Michigan Republicans used the presidential visit to fund-raise. On Monday, one minute after President Obama began making his speech, this email was sent to registered Republicans in the state by Michigan Republicans:

President Barack Obama is back in Detroit today speaking to labor unions, trying to push his failed fiscal policies and his politics.

Labor Day is meant to honor hard working Americans; hard working Americans that toil day in and day out to help create the social and economic success our country is proud of. Unfortunately, with the new down grade in America’s credit rating and an ever growing debt burden, President Obama’s leadership is jeopardizing the accomplishments of generations of hard work.

Yet, somehow the President has still found time to take hours away from his responsibilities.

Governor Rick Snyder continues to work around the clock to help bring jobs to Michigan and pass legislation that allows businesses to grow. Republicans around the nation, like Michigan’s Governor, are making the same reliable choices and this threatens Barack Obama’s political campaign.

So who does President Obama visit on Labor Day? Labor unions; where after his ten day Martha’s Vineyard vacation, he is supposed to unfold yet another plan of attack for America’s economic future.

President Obama is speaking to union members at an event held by the Metro Detroit Central Labor Council trying to win back lost support for a ridiculous agenda. As Republicans, we cannot let him gain any stride. Help us fight Liberal tactics and bring positive accountable choices to the forefront by contributing $25, $35, $50, $100 or whatever you can generously afford.

While President Obama celebrates his holiday weekend promoting tax-and-spend policies, the rest of America is left having to pay the price. This must be stopped! Join the Michigan Republican Party in truly honoring our workers by fighting to uphold conservative fiscal responsibility and make a donation today.

Robert Schostak, chairman

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