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MDX, TL lead Acura's sales charge

Acura is expecting a rise in sales this month as production shortages caused by the spring earthquakes and tsunami in Japan ease. Assembly of all models in Japan, including the best-selling MDX sport-utility vehicle, is going full blast.

"Although production shortages from Japan have greatly improved, the overall ripple effect from low inventory continues to hurt sales," Jeff Conrad, vice president of Acura sales, said today. "However, with most models returning to full production (this month), we are hoping for a strong finish to the year."

The MDX luxury SUV (pictured) remained Acura's best-selling model in July. But Acura sedan sales exceeded truck sales last month, according to figures released today. Acura total car sales for July were 4,762, down 24.4%, and total Acura sales were 9,402 units. That's down 25%. Year-to-date sales through July are 70,082 cars and trucks, down 5.5% from year-ago levels.

The top seller in July was the TL performance luxury sedan with 2,555 units sold, still down 15%. The TSX sports sedan had 2,137 buyers last month. Its sales are also down, 31.5%.

Acura sold 4,640 trucks in July, most of them MDXs (3,438 units). MDX sales fell 14.9%. The RDX crossover SUV had 1,100 buyers.

There have been 178 selling days in 2011 and in 2010 through Aug. 1.

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Image source: Acura