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Mazda thrives as sales of one car zoom 196% entering 2012

Gasping economies in the United States and Mexico aren't afflicting Mazda, which for now has the world by the tail as it gears up for an even more prosperous 2012. This is because its 2011 sales figures are through the roof in both countries and continue to accelerate. One car's sales jumped almost 200% last month.


Here's the big picture as Mazda looks toward 2012: U.S. sales rose 14.7% last month (22,632 cars and trucks) compared with year-ago levels for the North American arm of the Japanese carmaker and are 6.1% better year to date with almost 166,000 vehicles out the door.

Irvine, Calif.-based Mazda North America also recorded impressive sales growth in Mexico (2,706 vehicles sold in August), with monthly (+24%) and year-to-date (+16%) sales gains. It was the best ever August for Mazda in Mexico, where buyers have driven away 18,000 showroom-new Mazdas in 2011.

Leading the surging sales picture in the United States is the Mazda2 (pictured), whose August sales (1,387 vehicles) signaled an incredible 195.7% increase over 2010.

The CX-7 and CX-9 SUVs posted gains also.

Sales went up 58.7% just last month for the CX-7. And for the year, Mazda reports a sales boost of 26.2% for the crossover that's cute as a button.

The CX-9's sales are on the march, too. They have jumped 11.2% this year over last year, even with a scant 0.8% hike in units sold last month.

The Mazda5, what the company calls a "multi-activity vehicle," sold 1,326 5s in August, up 15.7% for the month and 21.6% for the year.

Also on the upswing is the Mazda3. A total of 9,424 units were sold last month, an uptick of 4% over year-ago numbers.

Canadians aren't buying Mazda in 2011. Sales are down 14% compared with 2010 and August sales continued the downward trend (13% less than August 2010). Mazda has sold about 48,000 cars and trucks in Canada through Sept. 1.

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Image source: Mazda

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