MADD rewards best cops in Michigan

MADD has presented Lifesaver Awards to recognize officers and others who make it their business to get drunken drivers off of Michigan roads.

The Life Saver Awards are presented annually by Mothers Against Drunk Driving as an initiative to encourage police to aggressively combat drunken driving.

“These law enforcement officers are representative of the hundreds across the region who every day help make our communities and families safer by removing drunk drivers from Michigan roadways. It is often a thankless and dangerous task that goes unnoticed or unrecognized,” said Janette Kolodge, MADD state executive director.

Speaking today at the Holiday Inn in Livonia were Michael Prince, director, Office of Highway Safety Planning; Ken Stecker, traffic safety resource coordinator, Prosecuting Attorneys Association of Michigan; chaplain Michael R. O’Mire, Michigan State Police Metro Detroit; Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy; Victim Speakers for MADD – Brittany Curtis; Zebbra Oliver; and Kolodge of MADD Michigan.

More than 80 officers were nominated for their drunken driving prevention and awareness efforts. Nine Lifesaver Award recipients were selected. Each won a Lifesaver award and will receive a scholarship to the 2012 Traffic Safety Summit. Every nominee was given a certificate and was was invited to attend the luncheon along with a supervisor.

This year’s presenter was Macomb County prosecuting attorney Eric Smith.

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Lifesaver Award recipients

Deputy Michael David
Trooper Tressa Duffi
Trooper John Janicki
Corporal Bruce Krot
Trooper Troy Meder
Officer Eric Meier
Deputy Phil Neuman
Deputy Travis Polash
Officer Monica Sise Oakland County Sheriff’s Office
Michigan State Police – Monroe Post
Michigan State Police – Petoskey Post
Dearborn Heights Police Department
Michigan State Police – Bay City Post
Chesterfield Township Police Department
Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Office
Clinton County Sheriff’s Office
Detroit Police Department – 10th Precinct

Michigan Lifesaver nominees

Officer Christopher Willour
Officer Richard Matott
Officer Thomas Smyly
Officer Michael Andes
Officer Brandon Hayford
Officer Tim Applegate
Officer Paul Darr
Patrolman Robert Gafford
Officer Michael Phipps
Officer Dennis Christie
Officer Nicole Pearson
Officer Gary Steele
Officer Jessica Johns
Officer JuJuan Sandifer
Officer Jeremiah Orvelo
Officer Jon Weiss
Officer Donald Alter
Sergeant Robert Kozlowski
Officer Daniel Salo
Sergeant Dave Jemison
Officer Dean Kelley
Officer Nicholas McGuire
Officer Michael Meister
Sergeant Richard Friess
Officer Matt Goebel
Officer Wes Evans
Officer Cory Martin
Deputy Andrew Sullivan
Officer Steven Hinsberger
Officer Michael Gorbe
Officer Brian Leigh
Officer Jason Chaput
Trooper William McMullen
Trooper Adam Starkweather
Trooper Jason Rota
Trooper Jack Taeff
Trooper Joshua Dirkse
Trooper Jeffery Rodgers
Trooper James Moots
Trooper Chad Wolf
Trooper James Leonard
Trooper Joseph Mankiewicz
Trooper Michael McDonald
Trooper Jody Huggins
Trooper Scott Sholander
Trooper Duane Zook
Officer Casey Christman
Officer Stephen Dominick
Officer Christopher Franckowiak
Officer Jesse Fullerton
Deputy Willie Flowers
Deputy Orman Rodges
Deputy Trevor Sanford
Deputy Lou Tyler
Officer Kelly Forton
Officer Robert Ried
Officer H.L. Heighton
Officer John Zesiger
Officer Adam Vasicek
Officer Steve Starr
Officer Brian Honsowetz
Officer Doug Jordan
Officer Robert Van Dyke
Officer Ronald Pongracz
Officer Adam Hill
Officer Melinda Weingart
Officer Tom Raisanen
Sergeant Brian Glatfelter
Corporal Keith Rachwal
Officer Brooke Sharrard
Officer Erich Staman
Officer Matt Bowyer

Participating departments


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