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Acura adds free AcuraLink iPhone app for roadside assistance

The Torrance, Calif.-based luxury arm of Japanese carmaker Acura has added free roadside assistance and iPhone digital services to its AcuraLink service.

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The new AcuraLink Owner's Mobile App introduced today is available to all owners of Acura automobiles. Initial features for the AcuraLink Owner's App will mainly support Acura's Roadside Assistance Program, to assist Acura owners whose cars are in distress. In general, services include towing, lockout assistance, battery jump-start, tire change and fuel delivery.

Under this initiative, Acura owners can instantly access roadside-assistance services through this new iPhone app.

"Roadside assistance is now available at the push of a button with this user-friendly application. This is another example of the flexibility, speed and expertise Acura clients have come to expect from our products, services and our brand," said Charles Kendig, Acura Division's assistant VP for National Fixed Operations.

The Apple Inc. iPhone app was produced in conjunction with Acura's roadside assistance partner, Cross Country Automotive Services. Specific service options are articulated by the car company to Acura owners via its sign-and-drive program.

"Acura owners highly value design and engineering innovations within their vehicles, and Cross Country is excited to provide technology that enables Acura owners to easily obtain dependable roadside assistance service and related information when they need it," said David Ferrick, Cross Country's senior VP and general manager of Insurance Services and Automotive Markets.

Acura owners can use the new AcuraLink Roadside Assistance app to view scheduled time of arrival and contact information for the tow truck being sent to help them, as well as an assigned reference number so a dispatcher can look up what's going on on the computer, an Acura spokesman said. The app also offers the driver a priority emergency button for urgent situations.

Acura owners can use the app to seek roadside service at any time of the day or night, including weekends and holidays.

The AcuraLink Owner's App is available for download at the App Store or through at http//

Acura sells its cars in America from a network of 271 dealers. The 2012 Acura lineup includes the RL luxury performance sedan, TL luxury performance sedan, TSX sports sedan and Sport Wagon, RDX luxury crossover SUV, MDX luxury SUV and ZDX sports coupe.

Cross Country Automotive Services manages roadside-assistance programs for car companies and others in the U.S. It manages at least 6 million service calls per year.

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Image source: Acura

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