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Audi releases photos of the punch-me-in-the-face awesome R8 GT Spyder

The Audi R8 coupe has always been such a serious super car. It truly is the type of car that a humorless German businessman would drive. Today, however, we have discovered that the most austere super car in the world has a twin that nobody knew about (officially), until now. Introducing the R8 GT Spyder.
Posted: June 3, 2011 - 1:31PM
Author: Roman Rosa

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Don't get me wrong, the Audi R8 Coupe is an absolutely fantastic car. It handles incredibly well, so well that you really and truly have to try with all your might to attempt to crash it. It feels like there is a direct link between your brain, the steering wheel and the road. To put it in perspective, when you turn the steering wheel in a Dodge Caravan, you realize that it's a mere suggestion for the wheels to respond, a plea even. You're not sure if you're driving on golf balls or on a smooth paved road. You just hope that when you turn that steering wheel, that the car will indeed venture into that direction eventually. In the Audi, however, the handling is so beautifully precise, you can feel the difference between a white dotted line in the road and a yellow one.

The interior of the R8 Coupe is stunningly simple, elegant and quite literally the highest build quality of almost any car interior in the world. The rest of the car shares the identical feel of quality and care. You can sense that the men who put it together really take pride in what they do. Unfortunately, the R8 is so good, and so serious, that you sometimes feel that you're not the best of friends. Even with the Lamborghini engine in it, it never feels like it's full of good jokes and colorful language.

Today Audi released the official photos of the R8 GT Spyder and boy it's an entirely new car. The silly wing in the back, the awesome, bat-like diffuser in the rear, the gaping vents and holes in the back and sides, even the cover for the convertible top is enough to tickle your man parts. I normally don't like convertibles. I think they are for secretaries and high school girls, but this one is different.

The convertible just looks like a breath of fresh air for the R8. You can feel just by looking at it that it has a long list of interesting stories to tell you. You feel that it will shower you in compliments as you drive it. I'm sure it will be everything the Coupe is, plus a huge dose of passion and personality. Excellent job Audi.

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