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Ward's Auto names their 10 best interior of 2012

Today, the folks at Ward’s Auto announced their 10 best interiors for 2012 and while we do see the expected array of pricey luxury cars, we also see some vehicles that might surprise some buyers and in the end – American automakers accounted for the largest percentage of vehicles with three of the ten best for 2012 being from the Big 3 including the crispy new Dodge Dart and Chevy Sonic.

When you think about the best interiors available in the current new vehicle market, there are a wide variety of cars when there is no cap on the price of the vehicles being compared but even with that in mind, Ward’s 10 best interiors of 2012 includes a very diverse collection of vehicle types. Included in the 10 best interiors for 2012 we have 3 American vehicles, 2 Korean models, 2 Japanese models, 2 German models and the Range Rover Evoque…which we hesitate to call an Indian vehicle with plenty of British roots. Oddly, we don’t see any Ford Motor Company or BMW models and from the 2011 list – only one vehicle made it through onto the 2012 list.

"We saw a tremendously diverse group of interiors this year, and it's obvious to us that auto makers are pushing their design staffs harder than ever for interiors that are beautifully appointed, well equipped and extremely comfortable," said WardsAuto World Editor-in-Chief Drew Winter. "There are too many great interiors in the market for any auto maker to think it can stand pat with its current interior offerings and remain successful. Based on some of the vehicles we have seen at recent auto shows, we can tell the competition among interiors will be fierce in the next few years."

As you would expect from a list of the best interiors on the market, there is a solid group of higher priced luxury models including the Chrysler 300, the Audi A7, the Infiniti JX35 and the Range Rover Evoque. There is also the Hyundai Azera which serves as a sedan with lots of luxury goodies but without the luxury price. The sporty Mazda CX-5 represents Japan and the crossover segment with an appearance in the 2012 awards while the new VW Beetle also joins the new list.

Last, yet certainly not the least, are three affordable compact models that might surprise some readers as the new Dodge Dart, the Chevrolet Sonic and the Hyundai Elantra rank among some of the more expensive models available in the US on Ward’s 10 best interiors for 2012. The Elantra was the only vehicle to appear on the 10 best interior list in both 2011 and 2012.

Ward’s Auto 10 best interiors of 2012:
Audi A7 (Audi AG)
Chrysler 300 Luxury (Chrysler Group LLC)
Dodge Dart (Chrysler Group LLC) –shown above on the right in R/T trim
Chevrolet Sonic (General Motors Co.)
Hyundai Accent (Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.)
Hyundai Azera (Hyundai Motor Co. Ltd.)
Mazda CX-5 (Mazda Motor Corp.)
Infiniti JX35 (Nissan Motor Co. Ltd.)
Range Rover Evoque (Tata Motors Ltd.)
Volkswagen Beetle (Volkswagen AG)

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