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VW announces special 2012 Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition

Volkswagen announced today that orders are now being taken on the 2012 Beetle via a new online Vehicle Pre-Order (VPO) system and to add some incentive for hopeful consumers to use this system, VW is offering the special 2012 Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition to the first 600 buyers.

The full details on the 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition begins with the 2.0L turbocharged engine, churning out 200 horsepower with the help of a dual-clutch automatic transmission. The performance of the special edition Beetle is boosted with a sport tuned suspension setup and helping to handle the turns and the launch is a set of 18” performance tires wrapped around unique Black Turbo Launch Edition wheels featuring a satin face with black trim. Behind these sexy wheels is an enlarged brake setup with bright red calipers, adding to the unique look and performance of the Beetle.

Helping the 2012 VW Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition to stand out in the outside is a black exterior paint with silver “turbo” striping along the rockers – reminiscent of the Porsche lineup. There is a set of foglights up front in blacked out bezels and out back the special edition Beetle features a subtle spoiler along the bottom of the rear window.

Inside, the first 600 2012 Beetles sold in America will come with a gorgeous black on black interior with tri-cololr ambient lighting, along with sport seats and an upgraded 8-speaker sound system. Across the dash there is a carbon fiber face, accented around the gauges and throughout the car with satin silver. That silver is echoed to the pedals, where the Black Turbo Beetle coming equipped with stainless steel sport pedals.

The 2012 Volkswagen Beetle Black Turbo Launch Edition will be limited to just 600 buyers – specifically the first 600 people who are willing to put down a deposit of $495 on the new Amazon-based e-commerce platform. That $495 will go towards the total price of $25,720 (including destination fee) and according to the VW announcement, this deposit comes with a “no hassle” refund policy.


Hoffmann (not verified)    June 22, 2016 - 3:23PM

Volkswagen Beetle brought a symbolic gesture out in 2012 with this triple black autobahn burner which was overdue for the overtly feminine nuanced bug in need of some testosterone ! I personally feel this street meanie was a good thing at the time and wonder how the original designer would feel about the bug being around as long as it has been and also wonder if the rumour that Adolph Hitler originally designed this car was true ? Regardless I love the bulldog bug and hope VW keeps trying to keep the Bug on the blacktop . Thanks