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The US Gov't finds no electronic problems in Toyota's acceleration recalls

Shortly after 2pm today, the US Federal Government announced the results of their 10-month electronic testing of Toyota’s acceleration system – no computer glitches or electronic failures were at fault in the unintended acceleration issues that caused Toyota to recall over 11 million vehicles worldwide.

Toyota got the good news that they had been hoping for when US Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood issued the following statement regarding the extensive testing done on the automakers questionable acceleration:
"The jury is back. The verdict is in. There is no electronic-based cause for unintended high-speed acceleration in Toyotas. Period. Our conclusion - that Toyota's problems were mechanical, not electrical - come after one of the most exhaustive, thorough and intensive research efforts ever undertaken."

The Federal officials involved with the investigation instead agree with Toyota that sticking accelerator pedal assemblies or floormats catching the accelerator pedal were the cause for that hundreds of accidents that cause so many people their lives. This was the conclusion that the automaker needed to help put some of these issues behind them but with a great many lawsuits ranging from wrongful death to suits over the value of vehicles still ahead, Toyota is by no means out of the trouble caused by the unintended acceleration issues.

This is really the first good news that has come from the US Government pertaining to the Toyota recall troubles, as in the past year they have paid almost $50 million in fines to the Feds – all the while watching their standing in the global auto industry drop. On top of the federal fines, Toyota has begun settling individual lawsuits stemming from unintended acceleration, one of which cost the Japanese automaker $10 million dollars and with plenty more similar cases coming to trial soon, 2011 could be a long year for Toyota even with the good news that no electronic defects were found with the acceleration system.

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Source: The Detroit News