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TorqueNews reader Bill Barnes to appear on Speed TV’s Pass Time

TorqueNews reader and Team Detroit Racing member Bill Barnes will appear on Speed TV’s game show Pass Time this Wednesday night at 7pm – hitting the track with his self-built Ford Mustang Cobra Jet featuring a Magnuson-supercharged 5.0L V8 as the show’s contestants try to guess what his car will run in an effort to win cash prizes.

If you are not familiar with Pass Time on Speed TV, it is a game show consisting of three contestants – one of which is the show’s in-house authority on all things drag racing and a pair of regular Joes with the setting being right alongside a drag strip. During the course of the show, a variety of heavily modified cars, trucks and motorcycles pull up to the line at which point the drivers and their cars are introduced to the contestants.

The three contestants on Pass Time each ask simple questions about the cars and driver, in an effort to make an educated guess as to what the race vehicle in question might run in the quarter mile and that is where Bill Barnes’ awesome Cobra Jet comes into play. After the contestants ask Bill questions about his supercharged, 5.0L-powered Cobra Jet, Bill will tear down the quarter mile and whichever contestant guessed the closest time to Bill’s actual time will be awarded a cash prize that goes towards winning the show.

Along with being a reader of TorqueNews, Bill Barnes is an active member of Team Detroit Racing, and MOCSEM (Mustang Owners Club of South Eastern Michigan). Bill’s Cobra Jet has appeared on the pages of TorqueNews on more than one occasion – as with the help of the folks at Blue Collar Performance in Westland Michigan, he built his Cobra Jet from a standard 5.0L powered 2011 Ford Mustang GT before the production Cobra Jet featured the 5.0L Coyote engine (the original modern Cobra Jet packed the old 5.4L V8) and before Ford offered advice for Mustang GT owners to build their own Cobra Jet with the help of a Ford performance catalog. More importantly (to some, likely including Bill), since his Cobra Jet started as a production 2011 Mustang GT, it is street legal where the Ford Racing Cobra Jet is not street legal so if you have been in the Detroit area and you’ve seen a white Cobra Jet cruising the streets – there is a good chance that you too have seen Bill’s Cobra Jet in person.

While I don’t have any idea what Bill’s Magnuson-supercharged Cobra Jet will run on the set of Speed TV’s Pass Time, his car has put down times in the mid 10 second range in the past. To see Bill’s Cobra Jet in action for yourself, tune in to Speed TV this Wednesday (March 14th) at 7pm EST. Check local listings for specific show times. For more on Bill Barnes’ 2011 Ford Mustang GT turned street legal Cobra Jet, click here for his website,