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The Ram brand introduces new commercial colors

Competing in the super tight heavy duty pickup market is all about offering everything that your consumer could ask for and the Ram brand has taken that a step further with 19 new colors for commercial buyers of the 2011 Ram 2500 – 5500 models and Ram Chassis cabs.

In addition to the basic color choices offered for the 2011 Ram lineup, Chrysler has introduced 11 new colors for the Ram HD 2500-5500 models, with an emphasis on colors most popular with “work trucks”. These are colors that you frequently see used for various commercial (and in some cases, governmental) vehicles and rather than having to buy your new company Ram HDs and send them out to get painted, these new colors are available with a minimum batch size of 10 trucks.
• Black
• Bright Red
• Dark Brown
• Detonator Yellow
• Light Cream
• Light Green
• Omaha Orange
• School Bus Yellow
• Timberline Green Pearl
• Yellow
• National Fire Safety Lime Yellow (shown below)

In addition to those 11 special commercial paint choices, the 2011 Ram HD and Ram Chassis Cab models, Chrysler will soon introduce 8 more colors. Unlike the first 11 special colors for the heavy duty Rams, these 8 are designed for use by specific companies, with some of these colors going so far as to include the company name in the paint color.
• Case IH Red
• Case Construction Power Tan
• New Holland Agriculture Blue
• New Holland Construction Yellow
• D.T. Green
• Green Angel
• S.R. Green
• Robin Egg Blue

These 19 new paint codes bring the total number of color choices of the 2011 Ram to 31, giving consumers the greatest numbers of choices when purchasing a fleet of new trucks and these new paint choices will cost just $400 more than the normally offered 2011 Ram colors.

Ram HD is currently neck and neck with the Ford Super Duty for the top of the heavy duty truck segment and every little advantage makes a difference. Not only will these new paint codes help to attract buyers who only need a low number of trucks with a special color in mind, but it could also help promote the sale of these trucks to massive corporate fleets around the country.

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