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The Ram brand display from the 2011 Detroit Auto Show

Chrysler’s Ram brand (formerly Dodge trucks) is the most consistent of the companies under the automakers umbrella and at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show, Ram showed off their luxury side with the new Laramie Longhorn alongside their sporty side – the Mopar Ram Runner.

I am a Ram owner and I’m a big fan of the current Ram lineup but I also love the Ford SVT Raptor. Like many Mopar enthusiasts, I am always hoping for a Chrysler-built equivalent to the super-capable, race ready Raptor and the Mopar Ram Runner (shown on the left) is the closest thing that I have seen thus far. The Ram Runner is not available directly from your neighborhood dealership but every component of this trophy truck inspired Ram is available through the Mopar catalog and with the exception of the fiberglass bedsides; the items that turn your 2010 Quad Cab into the Ram Runner are simply bolt-on goodies. Click here for more on the Mopar Ram Runner.

The other end of the Ram brand spectrum is the new Laramie Longhorn edition – a super luxury trimline featuring a heavy dose of western culture inspired items, from the seats to the floormats to the massive chrome Longhorn badges on the doors. This package is available on 1500, 2500 and 3500 Ram trimlines and in the gallery below, it is shown as a 3500 dually with a two-tone white and gold finish. There are a variety of color choices but all of the available sizes come with the same luxurious interior layout including every modern amenity that you could want from heated/cooler seats to a state of the art touchscreen operated infotainment system.

Not to be left out, the Ram 2500 was highlighted with the help of the modern Power Wagon package. The Ram Power Wagon affords the driver incredible off-road capabilities with all of the towing and hauling capacities of the Ram heavy duty lineup.

In addition to the Power Wagon, the Mopar Ram Runner and the Laramie Longhorn, Ram had a huge spread of their current models, - showing all of the features of one of the bestselling trucks on the market along with a truck decked-out in Mopar branded accessories. Check out the gallery below for a closer look at a few of the Ram brand trucks at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show.

There are just 4 days left for the 2011 Detroit Auto Show and with time left to get to Cobo Hall, it is well worth the trip!

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