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Next generation Nissan GT-R planned for 2018 after a 2014 refresh

Lovers of high performance Japanese performance cars were distraught earlier this year when it was reported that the mighty Nissan GT-R supercar may not continue on past the current generation but a new report indicates that there will be a new version of the Nissan supercar coming in 2018 – after the current GT-R receives a refresh for 2014.

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There were rumors in July that Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn would not give the green light to produce the next generation of the Nissan GT-R but a new report from Inside Line suggests the contrary. Evidently, the next generation of the Nissan GT-R was originally scheduled to launch in 2015 but those plans were curbed when chief engineer Kazutoshi Mizuno left the company due to personal health issues. However, Mr. Mizuno has recovered from those problems and has returned to the Nissan development team – allowing Nissan to move ahead full force with the next generation supercar. Now that things are back underway, Nissan plans on a 2018 model year launch for the next generation GT-R; should it retain that name.

When the 2018 Nissan GT-R arrives, the previous generation will almost 10 years old which is incredibly old for any vehicle…let alone a supercar. To help ease the pains of the long wait, the GT-R will undergo a major refresh that will bring about significant changes to the exterior and the drivetrain. This will most likely include a bump in power from the twin turbocharged 3.8L V6 and if I had to guess as to the output of the 2014 GT-R; I would put it somewhere in the range of 580 horsepower. This power will continue to be sent to all four wheels via an advanced dual clutch transmission and Nissan’s ultra advanced all wheel drive system. In short, the 2014 Nissan GT-R should like a little different and pack a little more power than the current models – making it that much more incredible.

While there has been no indication from Nissan as to what we can expect from the next generation GT-R supercar, Inside Line explains that Nissan has been paying close attention to the new Acura NSX. While the GT-R is often compared to the far more expensive Italian supercars, the upcoming Acura NSX proves as a more realistic benchmark for the next generation GT-R – especially after Acura turned a quicker time around the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife race course. Nissan will likely look to make sure that the 2018 GT-R is capable of besting the other hot Japanese supercar but in addition to offering better performance, Nissan may look to have a GT-R that offers the same hybrid capabilities as the new Acura NSX.

High performance hybrids have become a big deal with the rising price of gasoline so in a continued effort to keep up with the Jones…and the Ferraris…the next generation Nissan GT-R could pack hybrid assistance. It should also be kept in mind that Nissan has long gone toe to toe with Porsche, who will soon offer their own hybrid supercar with the launch of the new 918. Building a 2018 Nissan GT-R as a hybrid with somewhere in the area of 600-650 horsepower could allow the Japanese supercar to not only beat up on their closest competitors but the new hybrid GT-R could also be among the more efficient supercars in the world.

Source: Inside Line

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