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New Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Toy coming from Majorette

Those Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat fans who have spent the past few years collecting the miniature versions of America’s most powerful muscle car will soon have a new item to hunt, as Majorette is launching a pair of new Hellcat toy cars – one in all green and one in green with black "racing" trim.

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Since the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat were introduced back in 2014, these two 700+ horsepower muscle cars have gained quite a following. In addition to the tens of thousands of folks who purchased the full size car, the Hellcat cars have become popular pieces in the toy/collectable scale car market. As a result, the Hellcat Challengers and Chargers from Hot Wheels, Greenlight and Jada have been hard to find, but with Majorette planning to offer a Dodge Challenger Hellcat in toy car form later this year, there will be more small scale versions of the monster muscle car in stores.

The Majorette Hellcat Challenger
As you can see in the image above, the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat from the Majorette Premium line is painted bright green – although it is hard to tell from the images if it is lighter and more metallic like the 2015 Sublime cars or if this is more like the 2017 GreenGo cars. It looks more like GreenGo in this image, but other pictures posted online make the car seem a bit lighter – more like Sublime.

In any case, the Majorette Hellcat Challenger is bright green with bright silver wheels and a black interior. It does not appear as though the hood opens, but the doors open and it looks like this small Hellcat is nicely detailed inside and out. This Hellcat Challenger has some small parts (like the doors and mirrors) which make them unsafe for kids (per the information on the Majorette website), but for those folks who collect toy cars and who know not to eat any parts – this looks like a nice small scale Hellcat Challenger.

In addition to the solid green Hellcat Challenger shown above, Majorette will also offer a similar car as part of their Racing line. I have not been able to tie down a picture yet, but I know that the Hellcat race car from Majorette has a black hood, a black stripe running down the side and the Dodge hashmarks in the form of a #11 – just like the current Trans Am Dodge Challenger race car.

The only downside to the Majorette Hellcat Challenger is that as toy brands go, Majorette is one of the less common in most of the stores I have visited around the country. Majorette is a French company and they are not as widely distributed as, say, Hot Wheels or Jada. Because of that limited distribution, these Majorette Hellcat cars might be hard to find at a local store – but other Majorette Premium and Racing models sell on eBay for less than $10.

I do not know for sure when the Majorette Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat will reach the market, but it will be sometime during 2017 – so if you have a store near you which offers Majorette, keep an eye out for this cool new small scale Hellcat Challenger.

Image: Majorette FB Page

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