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The Mini Rocketman Concept unveiled in images ahead of Geneva

Behold the latest chapter in the modern Mini lineup – the Rocketman Concept – which is set to make its full debut at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show but thanks to these images, we have an early look the new compact.

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The Mini Rocketman Concept follows the traditional MINI styling with a “more is less” approach to help offer incredible fuel economy while not skimping on the good stuff. The Rocketman offers a very low weight thanks to the smaller-than-the-Cooper construction which is centered around a carbon fiber space frame with lightweight wheels helping to keep the curb weight down while also helping to improve fuel economy.

Like all good concept cars, the new Mini Rocketman is packed full of interesting features that seem unlikely to meet production such as a spread of customizable lighting throughout the interior, a full glass roof and unique doors. As you can see in the gallery below, the doors of the Rocketman feature a double hinged setup so that the door opens farther than a typical door. This allows for easy access to the front and rear seats while keeping the door close to the car, especially helpful in tight parking areas or on the side of a busy street.

Inside, the Mini Rocketman Concept offers an unusual seating layout that offers seating for three plus a cargo area behind the driver’s seat the can be used as a 4th seating position while also folding away to offer more room for larger items that will not fit in the Rocketman’s drawer-style truck area (also shown in the gallery below).

Mini has not offered a clear indication as to what will power the new Rocketman Concept, but with promises of roughly 78 miles per gallon, we can almost surely expect some sort of hybrid drivetrain system. The Mini Rocketman Concept appears to be the compact automakers attempt to position themselves in the super-subcompact market with the sporty Mini styling that has become the mainstay of the BMW-controlled brand.
Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the new Mini Rocketman Concept, courtesy of Mini!

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