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Michigan's Biggest Camaro/Firebird Show Raises Money for Charity

The annual MIFBody Meet and Greet is Milford, Michigan is the largest all-Camaro and Firebird show in the state of Michigan and this year’s event was a good one – with more than 250 cars, hundreds of spectators and over a thousand dollars raised for the Turning Point Charity in Mt Clemens, Michigan.

If you are not familiar with, it is the online home base for the Michigan F-Body Association, which caters to all generations of the Chevrolet Camaro and the Pontiac Firebird. For each of the past 12 years, the growing crowd from MIFBody has gathered at Bakers of Milford for their annual meet and greet. This may have started off as a way for a local club to meet up once a year, but it has grown to an event that draws not just members of the group, but also car show fans from around the area. Bakers is known for their massive weekly Sunday car shows, so when they host unique events like the Meet and Greet – the local car show fans flock to Bakers to see some of the best-looking Camaros and Firebirds in Michigan and surrounding states.

After dealing with rainy weather and frustrating road work for the 2015 show, 2016 was a much brighter day with clear skies and smooth sailing on the freshly-paved road leading to Bakers. The MIFBody crowd gathered with more than 250 Chevrolet Camaro and Pontiac Firebird models from the last 50 years, with representatives from each generation of GM’s legendary muscle cars.

Best of all, the event raised over a thousand dollars for the Turning Point Charity in Mt Clemens, Michigan – a group which helps to support victims of domestic violence. It was a great day with a great turnout for a great cause and for those who didn’t make it to the event, below you can find a rundown of the award winners for each of the classes and the overall show. Congratulations to Brian Meissen and the whole group for putting on another great car show. As a Milford resident, I know that the folks from Bakers provide a great venue for car shows, but without dedicated organizers and attendees, shows like this wouldn't happen.

Click here to have a look at the images from the 12th annual Meet and Greet at Bakers over on the official club Facebook page!

Best 1st Gen
3rd Place: Roger North's 1969 Camaro Z28
2nd Place: Mark Harpootian's 1969 Camaro
1st Place: Ken Ross's 1967 Camaro SS

Best 2nd Gen
3rd Place: Steve Ogrodinski's 1978 Camaro Z28
2nd Place: Arthur Boucher's 1979 Trans Am
1st Place: Carl Volk Jr's 1973 Camaro RS

Best 3rd Gen
3rd Place: Lindsay Myer's 1987 Trans Am GTA
2nd Place: Jason Harding's 1991 Camaro Z28 (1LE SEMA Tribute)
1st Place: Corey W's 1987 Firebird Formula

Best 4th Gen
3rd Place: Bruce Larkin's 1997 30th Anniversary Camaro SS
2nd Place: Alan Kilpatrick's 2000 Camaro SS
1st Place: Robert Lawler's 1996 Trans Am WS6

Best 5th Gen
3rd Place: Brad Kendall's 2014 Camaro 1LE
2nd Place: Mike & LoriAnn Schroeder's 2010 Camaro SS/RS
1st Place: Mike Bleser's 2013 Camaro SS/RS

Best 6th Gen
3rd Place: Erick Pardo's 2016 Camaro
2nd Place: Todd LaDuke's 2016 Camaro SS convertible
1st Place: Sebastian Amberg's 2016 Camaro SS

Doug Warren Memorial Award
Paul McPherson's 1969 Camaro COPO

Michigan Firebird Club Award
James Hadley's 2002 Trans Am WS6

Best Camaro
Tom Hendrickson's 1967 ProTouring Camaro

Best Firebird
Mike Breden's 1998 Trans Am WS6

Best of Show
Brian Curr's 1968 Camaro SS

Image: Spades Navarro @