Fireball Camaro burnout 8s
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Meet the World's First 6th Gen Chevrolet Camaro in the 8s - Again

The Fireball Camaro, which was the first 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro in the 10s and the first 6th gen Camaro in the 9s, has become the first new Camaro to run in the 8s – while also becoming the world’s quickest new Camaro and the world’s quickest car powered by a new LT1 V8.

If you pay any attention to the world of modern production-based quarter mile record holders, you are likely familiar with the Fireball Camaro. This bright red Camaro SS was the first 6th gen car to break into the 10-second and 9-second quarter mile barrier, and when we last talked about the Fireball car, it had just run a 9.00 quarter mile to solidify its record as the quickest new Camaro in the world.

Since then, the Fireball team, including folks from Black Horse Racing, B&R Performance and tuner James Karger have been working to squeeze more power out of the built LT1 while working to put that power to the ground more efficiently. Their efforts have paid off, as once again, the Fireball Camaro was the first to break into a new time range – becoming the first 6th gen Camaro to run an 8-second quarter mile – but they also set the record for the quickest quarter mile time by any modern GM LT-powered vehicle.

The Worlds Quickest 6th Gen Camaro
We have spoken at length about the Fireball Camaro in the past, when the team set all of their previous records, but for those who don’t recall what makes this Camaro the quickest in the world – here is a quick rundown.

The Fireball Camaro is powered by a new LT1 which has stroked from 376 cubic inches to 416 cubic inches and topped with a ProCharger F1-94 blower, although connecting that big LT1 to the supercharger is a stock set of Camaro SS LT1 cylinder heads. This car also has a nitrous oxide setup which adds around 100 horsepower, along with what is likely a dramatic fuel system upgrade from front to rear in order to handle the boost and the bottle.

The Fireball Camaro does run the original 8-speed automatic transmission with a higher stall torque convertor from Circle D, which plays a big part in getting all of that LT1 power to the rear wheels. Speaking of wheels, the Fireball Camaro has lightweight wheels with slicks, allowing it to rip out of the hole with some serious urgency.

Setting the 8-Second Record
As you can see in the video at the end of this piece, the Fireball Camaro first cracked into the 8-second range with a run of 8.99 at 153 miles per hour. That made it the first 6th gen Camaro in the world, but the team kept at it, eventually getting down to a best time of 8.83 at 158 miles per hour.

That series of 8-second runs made the Fireball Camaro the first car from the current generation to break into the 8s which makes it the quickest new Camaro in the world, but that 8.83 make this Camaro the quickest LT-powered vehicle in the world. The previous record-holder was a new Corvette with a time of 8.84, but the Fireball Camaro has claimed that record as well.

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