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Meet the Hellcat Taming Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 with 765hp (Video)

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is the most powerful muscle car of all time, but those Mustang Shelby GT500 owners who want to be able to knock off the 707hp Mopar can turn to the folks at Blue Collar Performance, where their “Hellcat tamer” package will add more than enough power to knock off pretty much any production car in America.

The Ford Shelby GT500 Mustang was the most powerful muscle car of all time and one of the most powerful American production cars ever, with 662 horsepower and 630lb-ft of torque, but when the 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was introduced with 707 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque, the Mustang had to hand over all of its non-Mustang specific titles. The GT500 Mustang is still the fastest production muscle car ever, with the Challenger only being certified for 199 miles per hour where the Shelby can break 200, but the Hellcat is more powerful and much quicker.

The Hellcat Hemi Challenger is going to be a tough opponent for the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in stock form, but the folks at Blue Collar Performance have the answer – and they call it the Hellcat Tamer. In this case, the GT500 sporting this monster package is a 2007 model year Mustang, building the older 500 horsepower Shelby up to 765 Challenger-crushing power.

The Hellcat Tamer GT500
The 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 in the video below is built by Blue Collar Performance in Metro Detroit, Michigan and it has been fitted with a collection of components which – when combined – BCP calls the Hellcat Tamer. The package begins with an upgraded Ford Racing TVS supercharger, a JLT cold air intake, Lunati camshafts, an ATI engine damper, Injector Dynamics injectors and a proper engine tune on an SCT tuner to bring everything together with the best results.

The result is a bone crushing 765.03 rear wheel horsepower at roughly 6,500rpm and 695.18lb-ft of rear wheel torque at roughly 5,000rpm.

Not surprisingly, this built, blown 2007 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 sounds incredible while in action so crank up your speakers and enjoy the roar of a car that will have Hellcat Challenger owners running for their Mopar Performance catalog.


Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)    February 13, 2015 - 3:42PM

The Mustang is a chick car. You can put 1200 hp in it and it is still a chick car. Its a really good chick car. Man up, get something you dont have to be ashamed to drive. I've got a Hellcat and a C5 Corvette. Excellent cars for the discriminating sports car owners.

Nick (not verified)    February 13, 2015 - 7:39PM

In reply to by Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)

Why are you trolling on somebody's car? This is a cool build up and you're bashing on it.

By the way, on a chick car comment. You sir are bragging about having a C5 Corvette with 350hp at the flywheel? That is completely a Barbie car. Please enjoy your chick car and only use the black key on your Hellcat.

Mike h (not verified)    April 15, 2019 - 9:42PM

In reply to by Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)

Want to know what's funny cuz I used to work for the Fords marketing department when Fords were first produced they were marketed towards men directly and then through the ages up into the early 70s they continued marketing it as a street race car for men it wasn't until the early ninties when they started coming out with the four cylinders in the 6-cylinder models is when they started marketing it towards younger kids the younger generation the fuel-efficient families and then right up into the 2000-2010 2019 it is directly marketed for racing now I'm not saying women don't race because I know some badass female racers but even they will tell you a mustang is not a woman's car. the only thing I can think of that was directly marketed for women would maybe be the Volkswagen beetle or the Volkswagen scirocco or the new Volkswagen beetle which if you remember in the commercial was pretty pink and pretty yellow and I believe there was a baby blue one as well. for you to sit there and say mustangs are for women only no vehicle is directed at just one gender maybe except for those three I just mentioned because I guarantee I know a woman that could outdrive you in every way shape or form with that hellcat would your C5 or with a mustang you need to open your mind a little bit brother stop living in the 50s because I can tell you right now my mustang would not the f****** doors off of your hellcat. I have a 95 mustang Cobra pushing just shy of 1,200 horsepower without nitrous wet nitrous / 1400. It doesn't matter what you own or what you drive what matters is how you drive it and that is obviously something that you have failed to recognize.

Gary Ward (not verified)    March 1, 2015 - 12:57PM

In reply to by Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)

You have a C5 Corvette and have the nerve to say "chick car"??? The only people you see driving Corvettes are women and grey-haired old embarrassing. Even my wife's CTS-V is less of a chick car than those Corvettes. And then to call Corvette and Hellcat "sports cars"??? You really should stop the hard drugs....they're starting to impair your judgement !!! Hey, Mr. Shelby.....did you know your car is a chick car.....HA! HA! He might come back just to kick your Corvette arse.....AGAIN !!!

Gary Dell (not verified)    February 13, 2015 - 3:59PM

Blue Collar Performance has made my 2007 Shelby GT500 up to date with the new cars. I will have a lot of fun driving around the Detroit area. This was a lot cheaper than buying a new car. Happy Happy

Gio (not verified)    February 15, 2015 - 3:03AM

It's a TUNER folks. It still just a tuner car and not a stock production car. Why do so many tuner shops have to use the Hellcat as the bench mark to beat? Why not just wait and see what Ford, or Chevy can come up with to top the Hellcat and still maintain a factory warranty. Now THAT'S a challenge I'd like to see!

Thomas Hancock (not verified)    September 17, 2015 - 4:43PM

All the manufactures Ford, Chevy, and Dodge made fast cars at one time. So this is a good way to keep what you have and spend a fraction of money to make faster. Ive worked on all three models and chevy is the easiest one to work on for me. Ford would be my choice if I didn't have to work on my own stuff. Please re-frame from commenting if your under 38 haven't worked on or own your own Automotive business for twenty plus year and worked on all three models, you'll just sound stupid.

Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)    September 30, 2015 - 1:07PM

Tom, you keep working on your cars. I never liked the Mustang and never will. I own a Hellcat and a Corvette. Write an article comparing a Mustang to a Vette or better take the heat. The Mustang is a chick car, period.

Jeff (not verified)    September 15, 2016 - 6:40AM

In reply to by Reed Wahlstrom (not verified)

Dude u got alot to learn the fasted car between dodge chevy and ford is the new mustang it can go 0 to 60 in 3,2 secs and reach over 200 mph and a corvette and hellcat can reach either a hellcat cant even brake 200 mph lol and the more muscle it has the manly it is and no matter what chevy and dodge comeout with ford will always make a faster car. So until u can beat a 3.2 sec car shut ur mouth bout mustangs,,,,obviously we can tell u dont like mustangs cuz u cant beat em...untill u beat the fastest mustang outthere go cry on some other site...sinse u know nuttin lol

Alan (not verified)    October 9, 2015 - 1:36PM

What's funny about this, is everyone thinks this is a magical thing. A GT500 is more powerful than a hellcat. Please don't make it sound like you created the next super car. The fact of the matter is a tuner shop just upgraded a car. It's still not a factory produced hellcat tamer. You do the same thing to a hellcat and what do you have? A hellcat producing more than a ford again. If you are going to brag about this or that then it needs to be on the same playing ground! Stock vs stock or modified vs modified

LJ (not verified)    December 15, 2015 - 9:54AM

This all comical, comparing a Hellcat to a base GT500. Your hellcat is the fastest most powerful sports car yet for dodge, one has brought to your attention the Super Snake or the Mustang GT 1000 which both are stock production and both will spank your lovely kitten that you call a hellcat, which really isn't that special considering all that horsepower and weighing as much as any typical standard size SUV...........just saying......

Michael (not verified)    August 2, 2016 - 8:15PM

I am glad that someone brought up the Supersnake and GT1000. Which are factory warranted production cars. I have a GT500 and sorry but the Corvette and Camaro as well as Hell Cat owners hate me. Simple fact is they can't keep up. But my friends Shelby 1000 devastates most vehicles on the street. And has a 7 year power train warranty. Go figure !!

LJ (not verified)    August 2, 2016 - 10:39PM

In reply to by Michael (not verified)

Yes Sir, a lot of people don't think of them 2 cars plus if anyone of them did their history research they would know that the 2012 GT500 Super Snake 1000 w/ the second option (which is a bigger super charger) is still the only mass produced car to put out over 1,200 horse stock....