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Liberty Walk Makes the 2017 Ford Mustang a Whole Lot Wider

The folks at Liberty Walk have introduced their widebody kit for the 2015-2017 Ford Mustang and just as you might expect, the package is far from subtle – with dramatic flares over all four wheels, a unique hood and some other prominent body bits adding a far more aggressive look to the modern pony car.

Liberty Walk is a Japanese tuning firm which has become best known for its dramatic widebody packages, adding a unique look to the likes of the Nissan GTR, the Toyota 86 (aka the Scion FRS, aka the Subaru BRZ) and the Dodge Challenger. Liberty Walk has introduced their newest widebody package and the subject is the S550 Ford Mustang, so owners of the 2015, 2016 and 2017 models can add the ultra-aggressive look can order the kit now.

The Liberty Walk S550 Ford Mustang
As you can see in the image above, the Liberty Walk widebody package for the modern Ford Mustang changes the look of the car a great deal, with almost every area of the car modified at least a little.

Up front, the Liberty Walk Mustang has a unique front splitter and an accessory hood (it is not included with the package, but it is available through LW) with a raised center section and large vents. Along the sides, the Liberty Walk trademark wheel flares with exposed bolts are found over all four wheels, with new side skirts running along the bottom of the doors. Out back, the Liberty Walk Mustang gets a new rear spoiler and a lower diffuser, completing the front-to-rear custom package.

These components have a package cost of $6,800, but Ford Mustang owners who only want specific parts of the package can order them individually as well. You can order the package on the Liberty Walk website now. The hood costs $2,380 and the car in the picture has an Airrex air suspension system which is not included in the package, but Liberty Walk will sell it to you for an addition $7,900. Finally, if you don’t like the widebody flares but you like the aero components, Liberty Walk offers the splitter, the skirts, the rear diffuser and the spoiler for $4,960.

Added Costs of the Widebody Look
Those with a new Ford Mustang who are considering the Liberty Walk widebody conversion should keep in mind that there are other key costs in addition to the $6,800 purchase price of the kit. Most notably, adding those fender flares will require a much wider wheel with a unique offset, but most people adding the widebody look are doing so in order to fit a massive wheel under all four corners.

Of course, you will have to get the body parts painted, so in addition to the installation costs, the purchase price for the package and the wheel/tire package, but the result is one of the most unique looking Ford Mustangs on the road. This Liberty Walk gives the Mustang a very classic road race look and while some people hate the add-on flare look, there are plenty of people who love the look of the overall package. For those people who like the look and own an S550 Mustang – the time has come to give your pony car the Liberty Walk widebody treatment.