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Las Vegas bus service can fix your hangover in 45 minutes

The last thing that most drinkers can imagine will fix their hangover the morning after a great night out in Las Vegas is a 45 minute ride on a tour bus but thanks to the new service Hangover Heaven – even the most head-pounding, vomit inducing hangovers are just 45 minutes away from being nothing but a foul tasting memory.

Join us... has four luxurious tour busses that spend their time tolling around the Las Vegas strip equipped with a board certified Anesthesiologist ready to help you kick back, relax and get rid of that hangover while you stroll around Sin City. Each bus offers a front and rear lounge along with six bunk beds where hungover Vegas vacationers can pay for an intravenous cocktail of FDA-approved medicines that are proven to cure the headache, nausea and dehydration associated with the morning after an unforgettable (yet often forgotten) time in the city that really never sleeps.

Acquiring the service is simple – as soon as you wake up with the feeling that you were ejected head-first into a wall from a fast moving vehicle while fighting off the urge to revisit the last things that you ingested, you log onto the website. Each of the four busses are equipped with a GPS tracking unit that allows you see where they are and how close they are to getting to the nearest pickup. Right now, picks up patients at Hard Rock Hotel, Paris, Bellagio and The Cosmopolitan so if you are in the heart of the Vegas Strip – relief is likely pretty close. However, if you prefer the wares of the Wynn or Wynn Encore, you will have to do some traveling of your own to get on the bus that will cure that hangover. The company website mentions that they are working to spread their network to other resorts in the area so with any luck, the HangoverHeaven busses will be making stops at on the north end of the Strip before the 2012 SEMA Show…as this is a service that I could surely appreciate during the week-long work party in Vegas. has two packages; Redemption and Salvation. Redemption will set you back $90 and focuses specifically on intravenous hydration to help flush the toxins of the alcohol to make you feel better. However, if that hangover is really nasty, the Salvation package could be for you. This $150 package includes the IV hydration fluids from the Redemption package but it adds vitamins, anti-nausea and anti-inflammation modifications that can help cut the desire to vomit along with helping to subdue that headache in a hurry. HangoverHeaven claims that the process will begin to work in about 20 minutes for most people with the full treatment taking roughly 45 minutes. While being cured by these modern miracle workers the bus strolls around Las Vegas, giving the recovering partiers a chance to see the sights. There are also iPads and headphones available for those who don’t have their own way to stay occupied during the 45 minute treatment.

I personally would be happy to hook up to the IVs and hit one of the bunkbeds for a 45 minute nap – waking up to be free of the oppressive headache and saving me a day of sulking around Vegas in a hungover haze. HangoverHeaven’s service is not applicable to health insurance policies but some of you might be able to get approval from the accounting department to expense these services after an evening of wining and dining a new client in Sin City.

For complete information on this new service, click here to visit the HangoverHeaven website and come the 2012 SEMA Show in Las Vegas – I might just have a review of their services to share with the TorqueNews readers!

Source: Autoblog

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