Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 Fiesta in the air

Ken Block's Gymkhana 5 hits YouTube as his best video yet

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For every car enthusiast around the world who is battling a case of the Mondays salvation has arrived as the debut of Ken Block’s Gymkhana 5 offers almost 10 minutes of relief from the work day with Ken and his mighty Ford Fiesta tear up the streets of San Francisco in the most epic edition of the Gymkhana series yet.

While previous videos by Ken Block (such as Gymkhana 4) features lots of special effects and other, non-driving segments, Gymkahana 5: Ultimate Urban Playground is all about Ken Block and his Ford Fiesta Hybrid Function Hoonage Vehicle (HFHV) showing why he is regarded as one of the greatest driving showmen of all time. Gymkhana 5 takes place in a variety of scenes around the San Francisco Bay area with much of the video shot while Ken hoons it up on (then-closed) public roads. The result is what can arguably be tagged as the greatest display of Block’s work to date.

Like all of the uber popular Gymkhana videos offered by rally racing and internet sensation Ken Block, Gymkhana 5 shows Block and his ultra high performance, 650 horsepower Ford Fiesta drifting around turns at high speed, doing donuts around various objects, making some longer high speed runs and – of course – getting big air off of a collection of different types of jumps. Gymkhana 5 must have relied upon literally hundreds of cameras with shots from stationary cameras along the route, cameras mounted on a helicopter and dozens of GoPro cameras inside and outside of Ken’s car along with being mounted on obstacles along the way. All of these cameras work together to offer the viewers every imaginable camera angle – showing us the car in motion as well as Ken Block working his magic behind the wheel of the Fiesta HFHV.

Gymkhana 5 starts out fairly simply, with Ken Block climbing into his Ford Fiesta HFHV and strapping in before rocketing along a bridge leading into San Francisco. He enters the city via an on ramp at very high speed with the tires smoking as he drifts the long, sweeping turn. The real awesomeness of Gymkhana 5 begins shortly after the two minute mark when, after exiting a short slalom, Block enters a hard right hand turn by spinning the car to the left and passing through a set of road work barrels – backwards – while the wheels are spinning in the forward direction. The Fiesta barely comes to a stop before it is once again headed off in the proper direction…but this backwards drifting maneuver is definiately one of the “wow” features of Gymkhana 5.

Next, Ken Block uses a pair of iconic San Francisco trolley cars are obstacles, drifting around and between them in a figure 8 pattern while both cars are moving. Block then takes the Fiesta HFHV through a pier area and onto a barge where he begins doing donuts and spins. Those of you who saw the teaser video for Gymkhana 5 and wondered where the barge comes into play may think that this is it – but it is not. Block roars off of this barge and back onto the streets of San Fran – breaking off one of the GoPro cameras in the process.

The timer will read 3:46 when Ken Block and Gymkhana 5 bring us what I consider to be one of the most remarkable stunts pulled by block in the Gymkhana series.


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