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January Hellcat of the Month: Bill Gamble's Wheelstanding Challenger

The January 2019 Hellcat of the Month as picked by the members of the SRT Hellcat and Demon Facebook Group is the Dodge Challenger shown above – owned and driven by Bill Gamble.

Over the course of the past two years, TorqueNews has worked with the members of the SRT Hellcat & Demon Group on Facebook to choose the Hellcat of the Month. The members – more than 18,000 of them – are asked to nominate five Hellcat cars that are owned by active members of the online community. Once those five Hellcat cars are chosen, the members are asked to vote on their favorite car of the five in the running.

For January 2019, we focused on the Challenger and of the five nominations, Bill Gamble gathered 61% of the votes while 2nd place scored 21% and 3rd place got 13%. This doesn’t come as a huge surprise, as this is a well-known car in the community. Gamble and his Hellcat previously held the record for the world’s quickest Hellcat car with a manual transmission and when he gets his current setup ironed out – this is likely to be one of the quickest Hellcat cars in the world.

After the members voted him in as the January 2019 Hellcat of the Month, I reached out to Bill for more information on his monstrous Dodge Challenger.

Bill Gamble’s Hellcat Challenger
Bill Gamble’s Hellcat Challenger is powered by an aluminum 405-cubic inch Gen III Hemi from BES/HHP with billet crank, billet rods, posted Hellcat cylinder heads, a custom camshaft, a 4.5-liter Whipple supercharger and nitrous oxide spray bars. The power from this beast is sent to the rear wheels by means of an ATI turbo 400 automatic transmission and torque convertor, a Driveshaft Shop driveshaft and a DSS 9-inch differential. This car also has a 15-inch wheel conversion at all four corners and a lightened-up interior, but the car still weighs 4,375 pounds with Gamble strapped into the Kirkley race bucket.

This car was tuned by Joshua Schwartz of HHP and although he has only gotten a couple clean passes with a 50-shot of nitrous, he ran an 8.66 at 157 and 8.69 at 159, so once he gets the setup dialed-in and turns up the nitrous, this monster Mopar muscle car is surely doing to go a whole lot quicker in the quarter mile.

Congratulations to Bill Gamble for being named the January 2019 Hellcat of the Month. If you have a Hellcat-powered vehicle and you are interested in being a member of the biggest and best Hellcat group on FB, click here to join up. Introduce yourself, show off your ride and your supercharged Mopar might be featured here on TorqueNews.

Image courtesy of Alan Smith of Mr. Fabulous Photography