The 2013 NASCAR Camaro

It's official: the Chevrolet Camaro is coming to NASCAR for 2013

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Ford and Dodge have been running their respective muscle cars in the NASCAR Nationwide Series for over a year now but General Motors just announced that when the 2013 NASCAR season kicks off next February in Daytona – the NASCAR Mustang and Challenger will be joined by the Chevrolet Camaro.

When the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger were introduced for the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2010, many race fans hoped that the Chevrolet Camaro would be soon to follow but at that time, General Motors stated that they didn’t plan to make a change from their insanely successful Impala. Once GM announced earlier this year that the Impala would be replaced by a brand new performance sedan (which we know now as the Chevrolet SS Performance), many NASCAR fans who had hoped for a muscle car shootout in the Nationwide Series pretty much gave up hope but today – GM has shaken up the NASCAR world with the announcement that they will indeed use a new Camaro stock car for NASCAR Nationwide Series competition in 2013.

“Chevrolet is proud to bring the Camaro to the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2013,” said Jim Campbell, vice president, Chevrolet Performance Vehicles and Motorsports. “The Camaro Nationwide race car incorporates many of the distinctive styling elements of the production Camaro, including the unique power-bulge hood and deep recessed grille. In addition, the design incorporates the distinctive halo light rings and dual-port grille appearances, and the gold bowtie.”

Once the Chevrolet Camaro arrives in the NASCAR Nationwide Series in 2013, NASCAR fans who have been wishing for a shootout between America’s muscle cars (albeit in very different form from their street versions) will finally get their wish. The new restrictions which have allowed Ford to run the Mustang and Dodge to run the Challenger will allow General Motors to bring out the new Camaro stock car with a personality of its own. However, we can expect that under the skin, the new NASCAR Camaro will be pretty much identical to the current Nationwide Impala and the upcoming Sprint Cup Chevy SS. However, when it comes to high performance name recognition, Chevrolet is keen to getting in on the action of showcasing their mighty muscle car in the most popular form of auto racing in the US.

“Our team of Chevrolet designers and aerodynamic engineers did a fantastic job capturing the great looks and styling cues of the production Camaro, while providing our NASCAR Nationwide teams with a highly competitive aero platform,” said Pat Suhy, manager, Chevrolet Racing Oval Track Group. “For the remainder of 2012, our engineers will be busy working with our Chevy teams on wind tunnel and on-track testing to fine-tune the car in preparation for next year. It will be great to see Camaro compete on the track against its showroom competition starting with the 2013 season opener at Daytona.”


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