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Hot Wheels Hellcat Dodge Charger Now Available in Blue

The newest Hellcat from Hot Wheels has reached stores, with the blue Dodge Charger SRT with the Mopar racing livery joining the earlier red and white sedans and the trio of Hellcat Challengers in the Mattel 1/64th scale lineup.

Not surprisingly, the folks from Hot Wheels were the first to get a diecast toy version of the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat when they introduced their bright red small scale muscle car, which was followed a short time later by a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat, also in bright red. The Hellcat Challenger would get a blue option and a Kmart-only green option while the Hellcat Charger would also be offered in white, but all along, Hellcat Charger owners and fans have been calling for a blue version of the Hot Wheels Hellcat sedan.

Well, Mattel must have heard those demands, as the newest Hot Wheels Hellcat has arrived in the form of a bright blue Dodge Charger SRT sporting the splash livery of the Mopar brand. The image above shows the newest Hot Wheels Hellcat alongside the previous release in white for comparison.

The Blue Hellcat Charger from Hot Wheels
The newest Hot Wheels Hellcat is the blue Dodge Charger shown above on the left. As you can see on the card, this bright blue Hellcat Charger is part of the HW Speed Graphics series and as has been the case with every Hellcat Hot Wheels toy – the word Hellcat doesn’t actually appear anywhere on the packaging or the car. Instead, this Hot Wheels casting is simply called the ’15 Dodge Charger SRT, but the Hellcat head logo appears on the fenders of the car and it is stamped into the chassis – so there is no question that this Charger is a scale version of the world’s fastest sedan.

In addition to the new, blue paint, the newest Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat toy has a large Mopar logo on the side and on the hood, with a broken black stripe along the top of the car and a splash-style pattern in black and light metallic blue along each side. Finally, the blue Hellcat Charger from Hot Wheels has wheels with a light blue lip, making it the first of the Hot Wheels Hellcat Chargers to get the decorative wheels (the white and red Hellcat Chargers have solid black wheels with the same physical design).

The blue Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat from Hot Wheels is showing up in stores around the country now, but the odds are good that these will be as hard to find as the rest of the Hellcat toys. While I am fortunate enough to have all six of the Hellcat Hot Wheels including all three Challengers and all three Chargers, I have only come across the white Charger, the blue Challenger and the red Challenger in stores.

While there will eventually be a point where these cars will be as ample as the rest of the Hot Wheels castings, they are in high enough demand right now that they fly off of the pegs. If you do find one in a store, you can expect to pay less than $2 for it (depending on the store), but if you want to just buy one online, some careful shopping on eBay will yield you one for $5-6 shipped. The same is true of the Hellcat Hot Wheels Challengers in red, blue or green and the Chargers in white or red.

So, if you own a blue Hellcat Charger and you have been eagerly awaiting the chance to buy a tiny toy version of your 707 horsepower muscle car, your time has come.