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Help Find This Stolen 1,000hp Custom Dodge Challenger

The unique custom Dodge Challenger shown above is aerodynamically tuned and packed with over 1,000 horsepower to allow this brawny Mopar muscle car break the 200 mile per hour barrier and sadly – it was stolen this past weekend but you can help find this car by spreading the word.

The custom Dodge Challenger shown above is owned by a man named Joel Highsmith. It has been engineered and built to compete in high speed events like the Mojave Mile and to do so, Highsmith has had the car fitted with an elaborate aerodynamic package and a supercharged 426 cubic inch Hemi that makes an awesome 1,012 rear wheel horsepower. This car can go from a stop to 200 miles per hour in less than one minute with all of that power while the Superbird-like body kit helps keep the car stable at those incredible speeds. Some folks don’t like the Superbird look applied to the Dodge Challenger but whether or not you like the look – there is no doubt that this is one incredible modern Mopar muscle car. Highsmith invested around $200,000 to build this beast

Highsmith trailer

Unfortunately, Joel’s 200mph Dodge Challenger was stolen this past weekend in the red and black painted 39 foot enclosed trailer shown below. A group of thieves stole the trailer around 7pm local time on Sunday February 2nd from Spankin Time Performance at 160 S D Street in San Bernardino California. The vehicle that hooked up to the trailer which contained the custom Dodge challenger was a white Ford F350 Super Duty pickup with a lift kit and large aftermarket wheels. It is believed that the partial license plate of the truck is 8kj396.

Whether or not you like the look of this super modified Dodge Challenger, if someone stole the car that you love you would want to share the pictures and information as much as possible. Getting the word out there about this incredibly unique Challenger could make it harder for the criminals to sell the vehicle and you never know – sharing the information on Joel Highsmith’s Challenger might just lead to a tip that gets his Challenger back. There are more pictures in the gallery above and you can view them all by clicking any of the thumbnails on this page.

Highsmith Challenger rear

If you have any info on the stolen Dodge Challenger and the matching black/red 39 foot car trailer, please contact Team Spankin Time at or email the shop at [email protected]. Even if you don’t have any information on the car or the theft, simply sharing the information and pictures could make a difference in helping Joel get his 1,000+ horsepower Mopar muscle car back.


Ashley (not verified)    March 11, 2015 - 11:51AM

The ironic thing is, my husband's Dodge Challenger SRT was stolen in Arkansas the same week by someone using a white flatbed truck. You work hard for something and it gets taken.