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Hellcat Challenger and Charger Orders Suspended - Not Production

Since the Chrysler Group announced that they had suspended the ordering process for the Hellcat powered Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger, there are quite a few people and media outlets reporting that Hellcat production has been suspended – which simply isn’t the case.

Last week, the Chrysler Group officially halted the ordering process for the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat and 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat due to the massive and still growing backlog of orders. This was bad news for those folks waiting to order their 707 horsepower Dodge muscle car, as they are now forced to hunt around the country for a car sitting on a dealership lot or wait until the order banks reopen later this year. However, a surprising number of people running their mouths online and even a few media outlets seem to have failed reading comprehension 101 and those folks are insisting that production of the Charger and Challenger with the Hellcat Hemi have been suspended.

Upon reading that the Hellcat Charger and Challenger production had been suspended, those folks waiting for their muscle car to arrive were outraged at this news, but I have some good news for those people, as the production line in Brampton, Ontario is still firing out cars as quickly as possible and among those new Challengers and Chargers being built in Canada are the Hellcat models that were ordered prior to the order banks being temporarily closed.

Diffusing the Stupid Rumors and Poor Reporting
When the Dodge team launched the 2015 Challenger SRT Hellcat with 707 horsepower and a price that starts under $60,000, they knew that it was going to be popular, but the early push for the most powerful muscle car ever has far exceeded what the Chrysler Group bigwigs could have ever imagined. When the roomier 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat was introduced a short time later, the demand for the Hellcat-powered Dodge cars went through the roof. Actual sales numbers haven’t been announced, but the latest reports indicate that the automaker has received more than 9,000 orders for the Hellcat Charger and Challenger while a recent recall of these models made it clear that over 2,200 have already been delivered around the continent.

Unfortunately, this massive demand for the Hellcat Charger and Challenger have created a major bottleneck so to work through those 9,000 orders already placed, the company suspended the ordering process. This makes good sense, as the company wants to fill those orders for customers already waiting before taking more orders. Even though the company was very clear as to what they were doing and why they were doing this, some media outlets seem to have misunderstood the move and those sources have reported that production has been halted. Maybe they don’t know the difference between orders and production or maybe they just knew that announcing something as shocking as stopping production would bring them big traffic, but in any case, they were wrong

These erroneous reports of Hellcat Charger and Challenger production being halted quickly made its way through the various social networks and outraged owners were quick to criticize the company for making such a foolish decision. Some people pointed out that those critics were incorrect, which was met with links to the outlets who claimed that production had been halted, but the truth is that the Challenger and Charger assembly lines are firing cars out as quickly as possible.

If you ordered a Hellcat Challenger or Hellcat Charger, you should rest assured that the company is working towards fulfilling those 9,000+ orders so while the production bottlenecks are slowing down the delivery process, the company continues to pump out 707hp Dodge muscle cars every day.