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Give Your 2013-2015 Viper a Targa Top for Under $10k

Unbelievably, the Chrysler Group still hasn’t offered up a roadster/convertible version of the modern Dodge Viper, but those folks who do want to drive their 2013-2015 Viper with the open air experience, the folks at Prefix can help you out for just $9,995 with their new Gen V Viper Targa conversion.


If you are unfamiliar with the term “Targa”, it essentially means that the car isn’t quite a convertible, but the main section of the roof above the front seats removes to create a similar experience to that of a convertible. The key difference is that a convertible generally eliminates everything behind the windshield when the top is down while the Targa top leaves a portion of the roof and the back glass.

The folks at Prefix have been offering their Medusa conversion package for the 2013-2015 Viper, which transforms the coupe into a roadster, but that build is extensive and expensive. To answer the requests of those Viper owners who want some open air fun without the extensive modifications or the high price of the convertible conversion can instead opt for this new Targa construction for just under $10,000.

The Prefix Viper Targa
The Prefix conversion for the Gen 5 Viper costs $9,995 and owners of a 2013, 2014 or 2015 can go directly to Prefix or go through any approved Viper dealer to order the package. Prefix removes the portion of the roof directly above the seats, creating a new carbon fiber roof panel that pops into place when you want the security of the roof – but it easily pulls out and stows in the trunk for that convertible feel.

In addition to offering a similar experience to an all-out convertible or roadster, the Prefix Targa Viper package offers Viper owners a bit more customization to stand out in an already small crowd.

Prefix Experience
If there is a company that you are going to pay to cut the roof off your 2013-2015 Dodge or SRT Viper, there is arguably no company better to do it than Auburn Hills-based Prefix. In addition to having the experience of building the Medusa Viper Roadster with a retractable soft top, this is the same company that paints every body panel of every Gen 5 Viper built. Each of the new Viper’s carbon fiber panels starts at Prefix, where they are all painted one of the standard colors or a custom color as part of the GTC package. From there, they are carefully package and shipped over to the Conner Ave plant, where the panels are than affixed to a new supercar.

Based on this, Prefix has more experience with the new Viper than anyone outside of the Chrysler Group team and in addition to converting your Viper to a Targa or Roadster, they can also paint it pretty much any color that you can dream up. So if you have a new SRT or Dodge Viper and you want someone to turn it into a Targa or convertible, contact Prefix right away.