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GeigerCars Adds Gobs of Power to the Dodge Viper ACR

The new Dodge Viper ACR has set over a dozen track records around the world with its 645hp V10, but for those European Viper owners who want to set track records more efficiently, the German tuning experts at GeigerCars has a new package that increases the output of the wicked American supercar by 120 horsepower.

The Dodge Viper American Club Racer (ACR) has long been one of the best performing street legal American cars in the world, with the previous generation ACR setting one of the quickest times ever on the German Nürburgring and countless other tracks around the world. The Gen V Viper ACR began setting records shortly after being introduced, with 13 track lap records around North America.

As has been the case with past track terror Vipers, the newest ACR doesn’t improve performance by adding power. Instead, the ACR package adds adjustable suspension, massive carbon matrix brakes, an elaborate aerodynamics package which includes the huge rear spoiler and a wheel/tire package that allows this Viper to stick to the road better than any other Dodge before it.

The Viper ACR is little more than a race car with the production Viper road engine and the various components required to drive it on the street, but if a car is remarkable track car with a “stock street engine”, the way to improve on that car is clear. You add more power.
In the case of the German tuning company GeigerCars, they have added quite a bit power, lifting the final output of the new Dodge Viper ACR to 765 horsepower.

The GeigerCars Viper ACR
The GeigerCars high performance tuning package for the Dodge Viper ACR focuses its attention under the hood, but unlike so many shops which throw a supercharger or a set up turbochargers on a car and call it a day – GeigerCars built up the ACR without adding any weight.

First, the cylinder heads are ported, polished worked to accept larger intake valves with double valve springs for improved durability at high RPM. GeigerCars then adds a high performance camshaft, stronger hydraulic lifters and new pushrods before bolting the V10 back together.

Once the engine work is done, Geiger adds a set of headers, a stainless steel exhaust system and high flow catalytic convertors. Coupled with the cylinder head work, Geiger allows the Viper ACR engine to breathe easier on both ends and when this modified engine is tuned – the final output jumps from 645 to 765hp without adding any extra weight.

Finally, the GeigerCars package includes an engine oil cooler, a rear differential cooler and lightweight wheels, along with the Extreme Aero package that is available on every new Viper ACR.

In the end, the GeigerCars Viper ACR has all of the aerodynamic goodies which helped make it the record-setting beast that it is, but this Dodge has far more power, improved cooling features and lighter wheels – making it an all-around better performance car.

As you might expect, this extra performance comes with a price. To be exact, the GeigerCars Viper ACR high performance package costs right around $46,000 US dollars (40,775 Euros) and that obviously doesn’t include the purchase price of the new ACR. Those who don’t have a Viper ACR and who don’t want to do the shopping can have GeigerCars acquire the Viper and do all of the work for just $247,125 USD (219,000 Euros). For those wondering, the basic Viper ACR is available from GeigerCars for the price of $202,945 USD (179,900 Euros) via their import business, so if you live in Germany and you want to drive a very, very high performance American supercar – there aren’t many options more impressive than the GeigerCars Dodge Viper ACR.