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Ford F-Series is the bestselling vehicle for 2012, Toyota Camry takes top car

We are working on calculating the bestselling vehicles in the US auto industry for 2012 but the two most important positions have already been announced as the Ford F Series is officially America’s bestselling vehicle for the 31st consecutive year while also being the bestselling truck in the industry for the 36th straight year – with the Toyota Camry being the bestselling car for 2012.

During the 2012 calendar year, Ford Motor Company sold a whopping 645,316 F Series pickups around the United States which allows Ford to claim America’s bestselling vehicle for the 31st consecutive year. Of course, since the F Series was the bestselling vehicle overall, it was also the bestselling pickup with the Chevrolet Silverado coming in second in both the overall and truck rankings with 418,312 units sold. The Ford F Series didn’t just win the overall sales race in the US – it once again slaughtered the competition with over 230,000 more units than the second place vehicle. Even if General Motors combined the sales units of the Chevy Silverado with the GMC Sierra, the GM pickups would have still fall short of the F Series with “only” 575,497 trucks sold.

The Toyota Camry was once again the bestselling car in America with 404,886 Japanese sedans sold around the country in 2012. This marks the 11th consecutive year where the Camry has been the US auto industry’s bestselling passenger car with the Honda Accord being the last car to win that wasn’t the Camry back in 2001. Along with being the industry’s bestselling car, the Toyota Camry was also the third bestselling overall vehicle behind only the Chevy Silverado and the Ford F Series and the Camry has been in that 3rd position 8 times since the year 2000. In 2009, the Camry managed to grab the second spot overall with a strong year allowing the Japanese sedan to jump the Chevy pickups. In those years since 2000 where the Camry did not finish 2rd or 3rd overall, Toyota’s bestseller sat in either the 4th or 5th position.

Realistically, to have the Ford F Series be the bestselling vehicle and truck in America while being joined by the Toyota Camry as the bestselling car comes as no big surprise as these vehicles have been at the top of their respective classes for years (or decades in the case of the Ford pickups). With the advancements made by Ford Motor Company to continually improve their trucks to stay ahead of the competition, there is a good chance that the large range of F Series pickups will continue to be America’s bestselling vehicle for years to come.

On the other hand, the Toyota Camry may have a tougher time maintaining the top car title as the competition continues to heat up. The Camry has faced the changes needed to stay at the top of its game over the past 12+ years – a fact that is evident by the fact that the Camry beat the next closest car (Honda Accord) by over 70,000 units – but with more and more great cars hitting the American auto industry, Toyota will have to continue to stay one step ahead of the competition to stay at the head of the class.

From everyone here at TorqueNews, congratulations to Ford and Toyota for offering the American auto industry’s top selling truck and car once again!