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Ford adding start-stop technology to non-hybrids in 2012

Ford’s start-stop technology, which allows the engine to shut off and quickly start back up when sitting at a stop light or in heavy traffic has helped Ford’s hybrids to yield better fuel economy in starting in 2012, non-hybrids models from Ford Motor Company will also offer start-stop technology.

Ford offers some of the US industry’s top-selling hybrids like the Fusion Hybrid and Escape Hybrid with 170,000 units sold with this technology, and the Auto Start-Stop system is used in some European models as well. Ford has not specified exactly which non-hybrid models will receive Auto Start-Stop in 2012 but based on the European non-hybrids currently featuring this technology, we can expect Ford’s top mpg-getters like the Fiesta and Focus to be among the first American models to sport this new feature.

Ford’s Auto Start-Stop system is as simple as it sounds. When you come to a stop at a light or find yourself sitting in gridlocked traffic, the engine shuts off so there is no fuel wasted due to excessive idling. Not only does this help improve fuel economy with a 4-10% impact (depending on the vehicle), but it also reduces tailpipe emissions so for those folks in dense urban areas, this technology will emit less smog into your atmosphere. One of the concerns is over items like the radio, air conditioning and heater as when a car “stalls”, those items either don’t work, or don’t work as well. Ford’s Auto Start-Stop system is designed in a way that allows those conveniences to keep on working so for someone driving a vehicle with this technology, if you are sitting in traffic on a frosty December morning like today, your heat will still keep the car warm and your stereo will keep you entertained.

Ford has stated that there will be one of these non-hybrids with Auto Start-Stop next month at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show. will be there bringing you an in-depth look at everything from the North American International Auto show.

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