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Chevrolet Corvette Emojis Arrive for iPhone

If you love using emojis in your text messages, you have an iPhone and you are a diehard Chevrolet Corvette fan, the new Automoji: Bowling Green sticker pack allows you to substitute the front of 27 different Corvettes in place of a smiley face – all for just 99 cents.

Adding a smiley face – or emoji, as they are commonly known in the tech world – to a text message or social media post has become commonplace for pretty much everyone, including hardcore automotive enthusiasts. While the basic list of emojis is comprised mainly of bright yellow smiley faces or funny cats, iPhone users have long been able to purchase emoji packs online that take a different approach. In this case, those iPhone users who love the Chevrolet Corvette enough to spend 99 cents on an emoji package will be able to punctuate their iMessages with a long list of unique Corvette front ends.

Automoji: Bowling Green
This cool new Chevrolet Corvette emoji pack is available on iTunes as the Automoji: Bowling Green package. It includes 27 unique examples of Corvette front ends from the last 60+ years, with representatives from all seven generations. Kevin McCauley is responsible for these cool Corvette graphics and included in this package are “normal” Corvette road cars, special edition models, race cars and pace cars. He has even included one of the Corvettes which was damaged in the sinkhole event a few years back, in damaged form.

The collection and accuracy of these Chevrolet Corvette emojis are incredible, so for just 99 cents, this is a cool option for Corvette fans and those folks who want to jazz up their iMessages with a little American high performance.

The image above comes from Kevin McCauley’s website, which shows all of the Chevrolet Corvette emojis included in the Automoji: Bowling Green sticker pack in iTunes. I have included a few for reference, but for a look at the rest of them – and the rest of McCauley’s emoji work – click here to check out his website. You will find buttons to buy both the Corvette emoji pack and his Automoji: Stuttgart package, which includes over a hundred examples of Porsche front ends transformed into iPhone emjois.

So, while this isn’t any fun for those folks who don’t have a newer iPhone (IOS 10 is required), those Corvette fans who do have a newer iPhone can now show their pleasure in a text message with a Corvette instead of a smiley face. Hopefully this sticker pack and his previous Porsche pack sell well enough for Kevin McCauley to continue offering more vehicles in emoji form in the future.

Thanks to Big Max for the heads up on the link!