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The Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept Debuts as a European 1LE

General Motors has used the Geneva Motor Show to introduced the Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept, which is little more than the American Camaro SS 1LE with a jazzy paint job and the 8-speed automatic transmission – and I kind of love it.

Although General Motors still doesn’t offer the Chevrolet Camaro with a right-drive configuration, the bowtie-clad muscle car has proven to be popular in a few markets outside of the USA. In many of those European markets, the Camaro has only been offered as what Americans call the Camaro SS and even with the pending arrival of the new turbocharged 4-cylinder Camaro, the V8 Camaro has proven to be the most popular choice of European Chevy fans.

Building on the success of the Camaro in those various European markets, Chevrolet has rolled out the Camaro Track Concept at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show and while it doesn’t wear the 1LE name – this is more or less the American Camaro SS 1LE with a unique paint job and an automatic transmission. Even with that fact in mind, the Camaro Track Concept is still a great looking muscle car which is sure to draw attention at the Suisse show.

The Camaro Track Concept
The Chevrolet Camaro Track Concept is technically not a Camaro SS 1LE, but instead, it is a Camaro SS fitted with a selection of accessories from the American market. When you install all of these components on the Camaro SS, you just happen to have a car that is practically identical to the Camaro SS 1LE, but since the 1LE won’t be offered outside of North America – this is as close as Europeans will get to a 6th gen Camaro SS 1LE.

This car starts off as a 2017 Camaro SS and the Track Concept package begins by adding the FE4 suspension upgrade with unique shocks, unique sway bars and magnetic dampers, an electronic limited slip differential, Brembo six piston front brakes, lightweight wheels wrapped in Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar tires and package-specific coolers for the engine, transmission and rear differential.

On the outside, the Camaro Track Concept has a more aggressive front splitter, side sills, lower rear diffuser and rear spoiler for better aerodynamics while black bowtie logos and blackened taillights work with the satin green paint and black stripes to complete the sporty, track-ready look. On the inside, the Camaro Track Concept is a suede sport steering wheel with paddle shifters, aluminum pedals and Recaro seats.

The suspension, brakes, interior upgrades and exterior aero bits all happen to be features of our Camaro SS 1LE, but the one place where the Track Concept differs is in how the power gets to the rear wheels. The Camaro 1LE in the US – in V6, SS or ZL1 form – are all strictly offered with a manual transmission. This green Camaro Track Concept is fitted with the 8-speed automatic, which will increase the appeal of this car for those folks who want a track-capable car that is a little more comfortable for daily driving. Plus, there is that gorgeous green paint with the black trim, making for one great looking Camaro.

Again, GM points out that this is just a Camaro SS fitted with American accessories, but the company does plan to begin offering some of these components in the European market soon – allowing owners and new buyers to upfit their muscle cars to our 1LE form.