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Chevrolet Camaro Poised to Claim 4th Straight Muscle Car Sales Title over Ford Mustang

Although the Ford Mustang was able to claim its second straight monthly sales title in November, the Chevrolet Camaro appears to be well on its way to claiming a 4th straight annual sales title in the segment with the Mustang some 4,000+ units behind heading into the last month of the year.

The Chevrolet Camaro posted its second worst month of 2013 in November but thanks to winning the monthly sales race in January, February, March, April, July, August and September, these low numbers in November didn’t have a huge impact on the Camaro’s lead in 2013 sales over the Ford Mustang. There have been 75,552 Camaros sold throughout 2013 and while that is a drop of almost 4% from the first 11 months one year earlier, GM has still sold enough of their muscle cars to hold a commanding lead over the Ford Mustang.

After the Ford Mustang claimed just two of the monthly muscle car sales titles over the course of the first nine months of 2013, the mighty Mustang has battled back in October and November – posting consecutive months where it outsold the Chevrolet Camaro. In November, the Mustang beat the Camaro by a margin of 5,376 units to just 5,068 units after besting the Camaro in October by nearly 1,300 units. This has allowed the Mustang to close the gap in annual sales numbers considerably but with a difference of 4,093 vehicles as we head into December, Ford would have to post an incredible month to catch the Camaro. Considering that December and January have historically been two of the worst months for muscle car sales, there is a very good chance that Ford won’t be able to sell 4,100 more units than GM sells Camaros in December.

To break things down, if General Motors manages to sell just 3,000 Chevrolet Camaros in December, it would be the worst month for the Camaro since being reintroduced for the 2010 model year. Should GM post record low sales numbers like that for the Camaro, Ford would have to sell around 7,100 Mustangs this month. Should the Camaro move a more reasonable and realistic figure like 5,000 units in December, Ford would have to sell over 9,000 units this month. Ford has sold over 9,000 Mustangs just four times in the last two years and the only time that happened this year was in June while the others came in March, May and June of 2012. In short, Ford would need a miracle of sorts to have a record Mustang sales month while GM would need to post historic record lows for the Camaro – but there is technically a chance. Just not a very good one.

Winning a 4th straight annual muscle car sales title would be a very large feather in the cap of General Motors and it would give Camaro owners around the country even more bragging rights. However, the debut of the next generation 2015 Ford Mustang sometime in the spring of 2014 could cause a dramatic boom in sales – both of current models and of those newly redesigned models reaching showrooms for the first time. With the debut of the new Mustang in dealerships next year, it seems very unlikely for the Camaro to win its 5th straight title but stranger things have happened…

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