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CDC Brings a Widebody Dodge Challenger to SEMA

There have long been rumors that Dodge will eventually offer a Challenger from the factory with a wider body than the current version, but Novi, Michigan-based Classic Design Concepts has brought out their own widebody Challenger conversion to the 2016 SEMA Show in Las Vegas and while the look is not for everyone – this is an interesting option for Challenger owners who want a very unique look.

While we have seen the 2015+ Dodge Challenger with a wide body kit from Liberty Walk, this wheel flare look on a muscle car tends to draw some negative responses due to the unusual design. For those people who don’t want the wheel flare look, but they do want a wider track (and a wider body) on their new Dodge Challenger – the folks at Classic Design Concepts have a great option with their Group 2 Widebody Challenger.

CDC Widebody Dodge Challenger
Classic Design Concepts has brought out their new Group 2 Widebody Dodge Challenger Scat Pack to the 2016 SEMA Show and while there is a collection of aftermarket parts including a ProCharger supercharger and a set of unique wheels, the star of this act is the CDC widebody package.

This package includes a new set of front fenders and a set of molded quarter panels that connect just below the body line in a “billboard” style similar to the decals on the 1970 Plymouth Barracuda. Ultimately, the rear uses a flare of sorts, but shy of cutting off the rear quarter panels and adding new ones, this is the best option to get the widened rear end. The result of these additions is an extra 6 inches of overall vehicle width, allowing owners to “easily” fit 10 inch wide front wheels and 12 inch wide rear wheels. Also, with the flattened wheel arches, this widebody kit gives the car a lowered look at stock ride height…although it should be noted that the Challenger R/T above has clearly been lowered.

The CDC Group 2 Widebody package for the Dodge Challenger is made from a high impact polymer, so while the show car is made to look good all slammed to the ground, this package can also serve as an option for those Challenger owners who need more room for race tires. Also, CDC offers an impressive list of customization options for the rear flares which allow owners to really accentuate the classic billboard look. Over on the CDC website, they have a GIF showing the side view as a bunch of different looks scroll through, along with more pictures of the widebody kit from different angles. Click here for a look at those other images.

While I understand that the widebody look is not for everyone, I really like the look of the CDC Group 2 package, as the front fenders are super clean and while a full rear replacement would look cleaner, it would be a great deal more work and a great deal more expensive. This billboard look is a cool option to the simpler flare look and when decorated like an old school Mopar billboard, this package really works the classic look better than any other widebody Challenger I have seen.(More on Page 2)

The SEMA CDC Challenger
In addition to the CDC Widebody package, this 2016 Challenger Scat Pack has a Ridetech air suspension setup, Forgiato wheels measuring 21x10 up front and 22x12 out back and Diode Dynamics halo headlights on the outside with a Kicker speaker system and a custom Katzkin leather interior on the inside. The result of this mod list is a near-perfect SEMA car, with some level of customization in every area creating one mean-looking Mopar muscle car.