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Brand New Corvette Z06 Crashes During Burnout Exhibition

When the owner of this brand new Chevrolet Corvette Z06 pulled into the burnout pit at the Automotion Commotion event this past weekend, he probably hoped that his tire smoking action would be immortalized on film – but instead, he slammed the American supercar head-long into a concrete barrier.

The C7 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 is one of the most powerful road cars that General Motors has ever produced, with the supercharged LT4 V8 producing 650 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque. That is more than enough power to annihilate the rear tires, but this video reminds us that a car is only as good as the person behind the wheel. In this case, the person behind the wheel wasn’t very good at all – turning a very poor burnout exhibition with his new Corvette Z06 into a viral video of a guy driving his six figure supercar into a concrete barrier after failing miserably at doing a donut.

Automotion Commotion
This past weekend, the annual Automotion event took place at the Wisconsin Dells and while this event caters more to classic cars and trucks, the “Automotion Commotion” portion is designed to draw in the gearheads who want to see high performance cars going crazy. The heart of the Commotion event is the burnout pit – a huge parking lot sectioned off with large concrete barriers. As you might have guessed, those folks who enter the burnout pit can roast their tires to their hearts’ content and to encourage those folks with hot cars to partake in the burnout pit – anyone who agrees to make some tire smoke gets free admission to the Automotion Commotion event.

The owner of this new Corvette Z06 probably should have just paid the $30 for him and his passenger to watch the action, as it would have saved him a great deal of money. It would have also prevented him from becoming the brunt of many internet jokes this morning.

I have included two videos below showing the new Corvette Z06 crashing at Automotion Commotion. The first one starts a bit earlier, showing the Corvette racing from the right, slowing down a bit and then beginning what I guess is an attempt to do some donuts. Instead, he spins the car around once and as the Z06’s sticky rear tires gripped – the driver plowed nose-first into one of the large concrete barriers. Upon impact, the Corvette shoves the barrier back a few feet as the spectators behind the barrier scatter. The Corvette fills with dust as both of the front airbags pop and spectators flood in to both check on the driver and passenger, and to take pictures of the carnage.

The good news is that the damage appears to be fairly minor on the outside of the Corvette Z06, but the fact that the airbags blew will make this a costly fix. A spectator on hand told me that the Corvette had less than 300 miles on it, so this car wasn’t even broken in when the driver slammed it into the concrete barrier – and I imagine that his insurance company isn’t going to be too keen on paying for the repairs.

The second video shows the Corvette crash from a different angle, along with some close-ups of the damage once the smoke and airbag dust clears. In the end, this guy has achieved internet stardom – although it surely didn’t go how he had hoped.

There is some awful, awful music being played in the background, which makes the video questionable for a work environment, but Mustang owners won’t need the volume up to enjoy watching some other kind of car crash at a car show.

A big thanks to Kevin for the information and the link!


Bill mee (not verified)    May 24, 2016 - 2:10AM

I nearly wrecked a silverado rental one time. Just backing up in the snow. Spun the tires and the truck thought we were doing 20mph activated the abs sytem and we went clunk clunk clunk backwards to a silimar style barrier. I threw it in park and saved it. I suspect this vette has no brakes due to abs. He should sue chevrolet for mental anguish over his embarrassment. But seriously in that same rental. I put driver side tires on icy shoulder of road and passenger on dry pavement. Aggressively applied the brakes and the truck went clunk clunk clunk down the highway w virtually no brakes. Tried same thing in my old school toyota and it stopped just fine.